…my ‘shut-out-the-WURLD’ go-to place…

…born at the tail end of the of the 1940s, this ol’ Scots Jurassic is very much a child of the ’50s and ’60s... scholastic gadgetry such as pocket calculators, followed by desktop compoooters, and ultimately by the plague of  iPhones, iPads, iThis and iThat and iWhatevers were unknown learning tools… sliderules and logarithm charts, abundant with algebraic components, sines, cosines, tangents, vectors and quadrolililililililiograms kept active what little grey cells we possessed back then…



…fast forward to the modern day, and the curse/blessing of nano-technology and insta-communication offers up the WUNDERS-of-the-WURLD-WIDE-WEB… this wee Caledonian scribbler, rooted firmly in days of yore, consistently railed defiantly against each successive wave of new-fangled ‘stuff’ as the ‘50s and ‘60s yielded grudgingly to the ’70’s, ’80’s, and beyond… employing old-fashioned mental arithmetic and owning a staunch supply of academy-level vocabulary, the Google route for Master Gallacher was a ‘no-go’ area… throughout my career as a Financial Master of the Universe, I consistently eschewed the use of Master Gates’ and Master Jobs’ inventions, relying instead on ‘my people’ to do whatever was necessary in that direction… comes then the switch in vocation from the denizens of the Murky Money Markets to a lowly, striving quill-scraper… the next wannabe Nobel Literary Prize collector (so long as they remember to send me the fare to attend the ceremony, Mabel)… and presto, hey!… the need to be involved in the SOSYAL NETWURKS as an Author demands participation in the very virtual vertiginous universe that I shunned for so long… one thingy led to another thingy…


…along comes the blogging aspect… the melding with the fabulous global writing diaspora… countless like-minded brothers and sisters of the scrivener’s art… and d’yeez know what?… I’m LUVVIN IT!… finally, I’ve found a hideaway that permits me to indulge my whims and fancies in prose and poetry… my ‘shut-out-the-WURLD’ go-to place… mind yeez, I still whip out the ol’ sliderule to check the number of reviews and the Amazon royalties… sum’things never die… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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12 responses to “…my ‘shut-out-the-WURLD’ go-to place…

  1. As much as I whine and complain about this ‘modern technology’ and how it takes away my thinking space, I agree, Seumas. When I enter my blog and the blogs of others and talk to ‘my blog people,’ like you, I enter a whole new world I’d never have known without the computer. It’s opened up my life in wondrous ways. Thanks for all YOU do in the blogging and writing world.

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  2. I’m an old Jurassic too. But I’ve always loved computers and tech stuff. I was on the first writers online group started by the owner of Kensington books back before Windows was a thing….we had to do it the old fashioned way of DOS! 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on meatdoesntgrowinmygarden and commented:
    If I could only find words…

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  4. My children updated me. My son introduced me to the internet and my daughter to blogging. I then introduced myself to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  5. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I’m the 3rd old jurasic in this list of comments, I was born more or less in the ’40s. Years ago one my friends bought a computer… I thought she was crazy, however a bit later I had my first one… dear!!!!! I was getting crazy,, but litlle by litlle, more a less, now I command it, and this week I’ve bougth my first modern celular…ufff… how difficult, but… or I must be in modern ideas, or be really an old jurasic for the rest of my life!!!!
    I am not able to have a blog!!!!!!!!!

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  6. So true, Seumas. And blogs are also a place to connect without actual contact, a huge relief for an empath. If only the pesky technology would keep up with the brain waves. Still have no idea how to use a smart phone…


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