… how much of a Writer’s real life experience goes into their fiction?… Authoress pal, Dori Ann Dupre shows yeez…

…Guest Blogs are such a fabulous source of great gems… my terrific pal, Authoress, Dori Ann Dupre shares this piece with yeez today… well worth the read… and p’raps another read after that… enjoy:

Writing Real in Fiction

Dori Ann Dupré, Novelist

When I told an established novelist, screenplay writer and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of my intention to finish my first novel, he asked me when I came up with my story. I told him that I had the idea for my book at least twenty or more years ago, but every time I started it, I would just give up and throw it away. He asked me why. I explained that I wasn’t quite sure but, at the time, I never felt like it was coming out right.

His response to that stuck with me: “Sometimes you need to live a little more, have more life experience behind you, to make it all come out in the right way.”

He was 55 years old when he wrote his first novel. I was 44.




My novel, Scout’s Honor, is not a memoir. As interesting as my life has been thus far, it hasn’t been quite that interesting. That’s why I enjoy writing fiction. I can make it as interesting as I want. I think memoirs, while probably painful writing in many instances (I mean, who wants to read a happy memoir?), certainly have their place in our hearts and book clubs and on our bookshelves. But fiction writing is a unique way to write real life experiences into an alternate universe altogether.

When I completed my first manuscript and started sending it out to agents and publishers, I was 44 years old with a wealth of life experience already behind me (I had to grow up a lot faster than most of my Gen Xers). But I’m also still young enough to have a wealth of life experience ahead of me…waiting out there…yet to live.

I’m wiser but not yet wise.

I started writing Scout’s Honor in my head when I was in my early twenties. I’d write it down on paper in a notebook. There were a few specific youthful observations that fed into my idea for the story. I can even recall telling a supervisor, while in the Army, to be on the lookout for my book someday. But I don’t think that this particular book could have been written without the past twenty years also lived. I suppose I had to go through more of grown up life in order for it to be written exactly how I wanted to tell this particular story.

I needed to experience more of “real” life: death, heart break, grief, love, suffering, inexplicable pain, joy, personal success, personal failure, and all the highs and lows that come with a twenty-year marriage and raising two daughters into adulthood. I think that fiction writers do what memoir writers do: take the wealth of emotions and observations that come from real life experiences, and instead of putting them all into a true story, push them out into a fictional one…creating something almost as real as a memoir itself.

My debut launches on April 14th, 2016 with French Press Bookworks, a Pen Name Publishing imprint. I write about regular (fictional) people in North Carolina, contemporary stories about life, love and loss. My hope is that anyone who reads my work will be touched by the characters and their personal triumphs and tragedies and will be able to identify with them in some way.

Scout’s Honor begins in August of 1983 and ends in the modern day. A full description of this coming of age and tale of self-discovery can be found on my website along with two other projects I have in the works. And if you would like to see my (kick-ass) official book trailer, it is now live on YouTube and my website and all over my social media.

Lastly, I write a new blog called Finding Dori. It is for novice authors and writers just getting their work out there to the public, shooting it out into the void of the modern exchange…and fumbling along (like me) trying to figure it all out without giving up and sitting down for a good cry or temper tantrum. I hope that my blog will help others also getting started, just as the Master Jurassic Scots Scribbler from Glesga has helped so many others out there (or as Seumas would say, “oot there”) get started on their “wee” journeys.

Thank you Seumas Gallacher for this opportunity to share my work with your astoundingly vast and diverse audience through a guest post on your blog. And even if it generates absolutely no interest whatsoever in my own personal writing endeavors and my baby novel, at least I will be able to say that I’ve seen my beautiful book cover displayed next to a super nice guy in a kilt.

Coming April 14th, 2016

French Press Bookworks


Dori Ann Dupré


Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and my blog, Finding Dori

For the Book Trailer, click here

Happy writing, y’all…


…and many thanks to yerself, m”Lady, Dori… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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7 responses to “… how much of a Writer’s real life experience goes into their fiction?… Authoress pal, Dori Ann Dupre shows yeez…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Unfortunately I’m not a writer… I wish!!!!!! So, I think I’d start telling something about my chilhood.. adult, of course changing some details, but really I’ve not any idea how to fancy at least a few readers!!!!

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  2. This struck a cord Dori. Although my first novel ‘Changes’ was fictional, it incorporated many memories from my actual life to date. Friends who read it said things like ‘That character reminded me of…’ and ‘Was that when…?’
    Love the description of your book cover next to our wee Glasge (Does that need another ‘e’ Mabel?) scribbler. I bet you smile every time you see ‘Novelist’ or ‘Author’ after your name. I know I do. 😀
    Good Luck for April.

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  3. Thanks, Dori Ann, for sharing your interesting experiences and the news of your book with us and thanks, Seumas, for giving her this chance on your blog. 🙂 — Suzanne

    Liked by 1 person

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