…haute couture for kids, Docklands Govan, Glasgow style…

…a wee news snippet this morning announces that ‘men have become increasingly more fashion-conscious‘, with bling, cravats, hairstyling, (even highlights, Heaven forfend), and jewellery, all part and parcel of the ‘Metro-Sexual’ male…  the ‘in-thing’ is bespoke tailoring for eye-catching jackets, suits, scarves, hats, caps, cardigans and all the other clothing frippery yeez can imagine… and the family males are also cascading this sartorial encroachment onto their male offspring…  shades of ‘Children of a Lustre God’…  now, back in the days when Master Gallacher and his chums were in infant school in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, it was quite a different story… granted, our post-war slum dwellings were a tad removed from Milano and Paris in both geography and couturier catwalks… but we were not totally without our recognisable outerwear idiosyncrasies… in any street, hordes of small lads (and lassies) sported Mammy-knitted balaclavas... these may well have spawned the later craze in headwear by the Ninja, but I can’t swear to that… our feet were well-protected with the ubiquitous ‘Wellie’


…the unwise wore these unfolded at the top, causing much  aggravation when wet, rubbing against lower calves, creating what my comedic God, Billy Connolly, well-described as ‘two rings of no confidence’… no man-child of my recollection below the age of about 15 wore anything but short trousers… and I note that even these cropped versions of pants have crept back into some of the modern male’s adornments… front runners again, then, Govan… we appear to have been built of hardier stock than children today, inasmuch as very few of us had jackets, regardless of the weather… when the really wintry stuff blew in, raincoats were the order of the day, normally passed down from sibling to sibling over the years… caps were abhorred, being signia of posh schools… and scarves were a further product of Granny’s re-knits from old jerseys… I’m thinking of redesigning a range of the kinda stuff we sported back then… where did I put the number of that Salvatore Ferragamo  fella?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…haute couture for kids, Docklands Govan, Glasgow style…

  1. Now there’s a thought – If you take a phot of yerself wearin’ wellies, is it a Welfi?

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    The song sounds good!!!! more or less I get about de wellies… by the way… your picture wearing wellies in the dessert… how funny!!!!!!!!

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  3. Always trendsetting, Seumas.

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  4. You are quite the dandy fellow eh? 😉

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  5. What’s the fashion word on wellies worn with a kilt, Seumas? I loved the part of the song about the warning to wear wellies when tramping about on the farm. Billy is always hilarious. 😀 — Suzanne

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  6. Your post has induced a sense of mild panic, I have fallen behind the fashion conscious, I have very little jewelry only cufflinks and only own one cravat I once wore at a works party, perhaps you could advise me, are you a registered life coach? I do have a pair of wellies if that helps.

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    • Dear Mister Klingenberg,

      I read with more than a spoonful of dismay at your dearth of Accessories For The Modern Man… however that despondency is tempered with a sliver of hope inasmuch as you are the possessor of a pair of wellies… this will make a good start… from the ground up as it were (literally)… if the cravat is double coloured (say a primary shade on one side, and a confluence of hues on the other), that may also help in extending your sartorial choices… the cufflinks can also double as earrings in the event you may fortuitously have holes in your lower lobes… so there’s at least a modest start without extra cash outlay… if you avoid works parties for a while, p’raps no-one will notice the secondary use of these items…

      Yours in anticipated flamboyance,

      Seumas (Salvatore) Gallacher (a.k.a. ‘Eh-See-You-Jimmy!)

      P. S. I’ve found that the wearing of wellies to events such as Opening Night at the Ballet can cause quite the stir in fashionistas’ eyes… be bold, that man, boldly go where no one has gone before, at least in wellies…

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    • I’m gonna put this exchange up onto Facebook, as I feel there may be legions of likeminded souls such yourself who may find solace in the company of other wannabe clothes horses… are you on FB? if so, can you give me a ‘follow ‘ there and we can link on there ? ( there are several ‘Eric Klingenberg’ s on there and I know not which if any of them is you…

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  7. Hilarious.
    We did seem to be coatless – and a lot less worried over how we looked (although there were frets over the cousins’ hand me downs even though they went to other schools and lived waaay on the other side of town)
    NOBODY over 3yrs wanted to be seen wearing galoshes – those clear plastic wrappers with a giant button on the side you put over your shoes – and couldn’t get off once you got indoors. Rather deal with wet tennis shoes and angry mom…

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