…the best goal celebration I ever saw…


…some of yeez with good mem’ries may recall my sharing on here, that as a much, much, younger version of me, I used to play a decent level of football… I continued playing when I went to Engu-uland’s capital city on the pretext of  continuing my trade as a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe… in reality I was masquerading as a missionary to the populace in Laaahdaan, innit… every Christmas, selected members of our football club participated in a very special charity game… our XI versus a select team from the Blind League… it was my first ever occasion to see up close and personal, how these partially-sighted, and some totally without vision players graced the field of play… two or three fully-sighted players on their side guided the others during the game… it was quite humbling to watch their team come on the pitch in single file, with each player with a hand on the shoulder of the guy in front of him… the surprising range of ages was amazing… I recall at least a coupla guys over the age of fifty… but the player who made it all so memorable for me was a kid barely nine years old… he was partly-sighted, and as enthusiastic about his football as anyone I’ve known… he ran around chasing every call, and every ball fed toward him by his team members… what he lacked in eyesight was more than compensated by the sheer guts of the lad, wanting to be involved all over the pitch… of course, physical tackling was out of the question, leaving space for these guys to demonstrate their football control and dribbling skills… uncanny balance, and not at walking speed… inevitably, our defence from time to time would ‘open up the gate’ to allow shots at goal… however, on one specific occasion, the wee lad advanced on them with great intent, and from about ten yards out, our defenders began to part to let him through for a shot… instead of running on to shoot, he stopped in his tracks with his foot on the ball, flipped it up, and with a bicycle kick that would have made Pele proud, sent the ball screaming into the top corner… truly unstoppable…


…after a pause of astonishment, everybody, and I mean everybody, on both sides went nuts in celebration… the look on the kid’s face was priceless, and I remember it still with unbridled delight… so yeez can argue all day long about the best goal yeez’ve ever seen, be it Ronaldo, Pele, Beckham, Maradona or whoever… that boy’s goal was sum’thing truly special… and the best goal celebration I ever saw!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…the best goal celebration I ever saw…

  1. Inspiring piece, Seumas. All they need is a chance. 🙂 —- Suzanne

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  2. I’m with Suzanne. Very inspiring. Happy 2016 , Seumas


  3. I used to love cheering on my brother playing football at the local park,and was as proud as punch (although I would never have admitted it) when he was selected to join the junior squad for one of the top London teams.
    Nowadays some of my football mad friends believe I am indifferent to the sport. Not so. I’m just bored by the over paid prima donnas who should be up for the Oscars not on a pitch. This sounds like a game where I would have come away hoarse from shouting encouragement. 😀


  4. Being 1/2 blind and possessing the depth perception of a cross-eyed spider, I understand the effort that goes in to listening for an object coming toward you. The lad’s efforts are indeed worth celebrating.


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