Stevie interviews Chris, the Story Reading Ape

… terrific interview by Stevie Turner with The Story Reading Ape…

Stevie Turner


There can be hardly anybody left on WordPress who is not familiar with the logo above, or has not heard of Chris, the Story Reading Ape.  Chris runs a promotional platform here on WordPress, and publishes valuable information and advice for Indie authors like myself.  Today for a change I thought I’d turn the spotlight around so that you can all find out a little bit more about Chris, the Story Reading Ape.

Thanks Chris, for answering my 20 questions!

  1. You say you’re not an author, but have you ever thought of writing a short story, poem or novel?

Yes I have posted several (very) short stories, you can find them under TSRA TALES in my blog NAVIGATION Tab ( )

  1. Whereabouts in the world do you live?

I currently live in Manchester, England, but I don’t originate from there (big furry pointy fanged grin)

  1. What made you decide to champion the Indie author?

In December 2012…

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8 responses to “Stevie interviews Chris, the Story Reading Ape

  1. Thanks for the re-blog Seumas!

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  2. Thanks for reblogging Seumas 👍😃🐵

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  3. He is a great Ape, isn’t he! Hope you’re doing well, that man!! Have been busy out there but catching up!

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  4. That was a great interview. 😀


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