…when an Author’s writing becomes more than just a passing fancy…

…it’s not often a day goes by without this ol’ Jurassic learning sum’thing new… and I hope I keep on learning stuff… today was a day which offered an underlined realisation, if ever I needed it, that my pursuit of writing has become imbedded in my psyche… as some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land are aware, I’m a comparative Seumas-Come-Lately to the whole scribbling gig, having penned the first in the Jack Calder crime thriller series only seven years ago… earlier today I had the immense pleasure of presenting a two-hour ‘lecture’ to a group of students at Bahrain University

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…in truth, it was not so much a ‘lecture’, but more an interactive session of sharing my journey thus far, from businessman-banker to (‘blush, blush’) bestselling author… the attendees were exclusively local Arabic students, aged probably 18-23… keen minds all, and wonderfully eager to learn, to absorb whatever they could from this ol’ passing ‘fireman’… we ranged from discussion on the creative writing process to self-publishing travails… from authors we all liked (and why), to what motivates any writer… and in posing these questions, I found myself asking myself the same things… and I began to tell these LUVLY people about my enthusiasm for the whole nine yards of the process… of the writing itself.. of the SOSYAL NETWURK usage…of the great universal Author Diaspora of support out there… of the fabulous buddies I call close friends on the Web… of how to give and take Guest Posts on yer blog… and of how vital a regular blog is to a modern quill-scraper… of reviewing a range of WURK by others, and how important it is to Read, Read, Read, and then Read Some More… how to dispel the notorious Writer’s Block… and I discovered today, when sumb’dy else mentioned  it, how passionate I have become about the entire thing… I’d never truly realised that… but now I do, and I’m thankful for that epiphany… another wee mark in my own personal traipse along the literary highway… the day of realising that this Author’s writing has become more than just a passing fancy… I LUV IT!… enjoy ‘The Rose’ clip above… sums it up nicely… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…when an Author’s writing becomes more than just a passing fancy…

  1. Smiles. Just smiling along. (and there’s hope for all of us who are dabbling in the Word Magic and becoming absorbed into the enchantment)

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I’d have enjoyed a lot being there and listening to you. From child my father made me read and I’m so glad about that… a person with a book in hand, cannot be bored!!!! I’ve always repeating it to everychild,…. and I’m very proud of knowing you though distance.
    Luuv yeez!!!!!!

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Frgot… tne music… very good!!!!!!!

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  4. I’m sure those young people benefitted a great deal from your interactive session with them, Seumas. I doubt you could write as well as you do if you didn’t love it. 🙂

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  5. Next time we want a video! It sounds great and the university looks amazing. I’m sure it was a great experience for all involved.

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