…the name’s Gallacher… Seumas Gallacher… License to KILT…

kilt 2

…there are some remarkable benefits to be had from merely being a Scotsman… the WURLD seems to have made its mind up about how we Scots look, behave and sound… closer to home in Caledonia, we may have a different view on some of that, but nonetheless, we are an unmistakable breed and distinctive brand… adopted Scot-by-film-osmosis, Aussie actor, Mel Gibson, has to take some of the more recent blame for the stereotype of Braveheart, stamped indelibly in the minds of million of cinemagoers across the planet… woad-painted-blue St Andrew’s Crosses on faces, marching to battle against… well… well, against emb’dy, really… I’ve worn my kilt for special occasions most of my adult life… whenever society events call for formal attire, and in some countries,  National Dress, the kilt is a standout couturial winner… recently I was honoured to attend  an American Women’s Association meeting here in the Middle East as a Guest Speaker, and I was particularly requested to, ‘please, please, please wear your kilt’!... it seems our cousins from across the pond have a ‘thang’ about men in kilts… turned out I spent as much time indulging requests for selfies’ as I did in the rest of the presentation put together… the strange thing is, whenever I wear the kilt, I never feel anything but properly, formally dressed… for me there is no ‘casual kiltie wear’… p’raps that’s why it sets its own standard of fashion… the inevitable question gets raised anywhere from twice to a coupla dozen times per events where I do wear it … ‘what’s worn under the kilt?’… the response ranges from the cliched ‘NUTHIN’s worn… it’s all in perfect WURKING order’ to more raunchy replies not suitable for this blog (I have some sensitive English followers to consider, Mabel)… I’ll leave yeez with this clip which may or may not put yer minds at rest… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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16 responses to “…the name’s Gallacher… Seumas Gallacher… License to KILT…

  1. Dori Ann Dupré

    Nothing more beautiful (among other things…) than a man in a kilt! Thank you, on behalf of American women everywhere, for wearing one, sir! 😍

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  2. Dori Ann Dupré

    Thank you, on behalf of American women everywhere, for wearing your kilt. I have to go to the Highlands of North Carolina to see one. Nothing more beautiful than a man in a kilt (among other things!) LOL

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  3. Love the video!
    But, Seamus, I was wondering if you could rewrite and simplify (basically, talk to me like I’m a 2 yr. old) your post about not being able to give away free what you are selling on Amazon.
    I need to know if it’s ok to post a sample chapter (usually, the 1st). Also, my writer group cohort has hundreds of stories and poems posted on Wattpad. She says she’s going to make a book out of some of them to sell. I am trying to tell her she can’t do that, but she doesn’t believe me.
    Or maybe I got it wrong?!
    Peace, love & men in kilts!
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

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    • …my comments are based on experience with Amazon a coupla years back whenI tried to list, and in fact DID publish on Amazon, three recollections of my own blog posts… after a few weeks, I received a direct notification from Amazon, that they had picked up on the fact that the content was ‘freely available elsewhere on the web, and my collections at my Amazon price, was in competition with the same content free of charge elsewhere…’… apparently by the strict contract letter of their author agreements, that is not allowed , and I would have to either (a) ensure the free material was only available at the same price or higher than that shown on the collections listed anew.This would have been impossible, as my blog posts are frequently extensively shared on the web.OR (b) remove the offending new listings… if I did not comply, they threatened to remove all my author listings on Amazon (effectively banning me as an author from Amazon), AND reclaim ALL my prior royalties for ALL my titles since day one with them, which amounted to a ton of money. I tried to explain that these were regular blog posts, but to no avail, and in the end I reluctantly took the three blog collections off the list ( where they had quite a following up until then).. Amazon regularly acts in a way that seems pointed toward sales prevention drives rather than sales incentive drives :(… As for a chapter of your work, that MAY be possible, I think I read somewhere that you can have excerpts up to a certain percentage of your work without incurring their legal wrath, but you may wanna check that by a direct question to Amazon itself… better safe than sorry… I think your friend is on shaky ground if my experience is anything to judge by. Hope that helps :):) P.S. LUV your video, too! 🙂

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  4. Well, you certainly do justice to a kilt, Seumas. The film clip left no doubt with the opposing team what men wear under their kilts. 🙂 I also read that the Scottish accent was found to be the most popular one of all with the ladies. 🙂

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  5. Over the summer I translated a book to English that took place in Scotland and there was plenty of discussion about the typical and gala dress and I watched a few videos about how to wear a kilt (the brogues are complicated). Quite a feat! Love the video!

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  6. It’s not Christmas without a kilt and a Scottish accent somewhere. (Must coax the retired neighbor to get out his bagpipes again…he’s not allowed to play them in the house, but his tunes in his back yard make everyone smile – even Molly who doesn’t bark along)

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  7. It might pain you to have this anecdote. Like yerself and our fellow Scots the kilt is formal dress for weddings and proms and whatever other do-s require Englishmen to wear a suit and tails.

    When I was young I made friends with a young Dutchman. He introduced himself because of how obsessively interested he was in Scottish culture and history. Over the course of our friendship I’ve had to endure him knowing about every small pile of rocks still considered to qualify as a castle on our Scottish grounds, him knowing what each clan tartan is and generally knowing my countries history and politics better than me, the native. That was all fine. Until I found it he was wearing a kilt as casual attire back in the Netherlands.

    He was just wandering around in kilt, t-shirt and trainers on a regular basis. To university. To work. … Knowledge of a culture apparently doesn’t help give you a true feel for what being a part of that culture is like.

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