…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part VI… Edinburghinium (Continued even more)…

…during Part III (Glasgowinium) of this Whirlwind Magical Mystery Tour of scribbly pals, I mentioned one of the great people who managed to spend time with this ol’ Jurassic in the Millennium Hotel was Author, Frank Muir… he and I agreed we fitted right into that peculiar breed of smashing folks whom, ‘I’ve only just met yeez, but I’ve known yeez for a hundred years’… fast forward to this Part VI in the travels, and up it pops again, this time in Enbra… in the not inconsiderable presence of Mac Logan (he of the excellent  ‘Angel’s Share’ crime thriller series)…


…he was the man who broke my Skype virginity about two years ago, an accomplishment in itself worthy of note given my utter frugality in gadgetry communication nous… he loomed large on the Skype screen, but that understated the size of the man’s welcome to me in our capital city… how can yeez not LUV a guy who gets up well before even the larks have put the alrm clocks to ‘snooze’ for another ten minutes, and clambers into a bus in the depths of East Scotland…. his early morning bus tour took almost two hours to reach my hotel… little wonder then, that between us, considerable damage was done to the  Caledonian Hotel’s buffet breakfast spread… we segued from there across to barThe Angel’s Share Hotel and Bar (how’s that, fellow-writers—having  a Hotel and Bar with the same name as yer novels!)angel book… the ensuing hours vanished in a flash as we sorted out the WURLD’s ailments from Cairo to Cowdenbeath, Prague to Pittenweem, and Toronto to Tillicoultry… like we were catching up on a lifetime of stories and experience., which of course, was precisely what we were doing… and yes, Mac, I have known yeez for a hundred years… looking forward to the next trip … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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4 responses to “…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part VI… Edinburghinium (Continued even more)…

  1. Sounds like a meeting made for the two of you, Seumas. What a great night you both must have had. 🙂

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  2. Next time I’ll try and get to Scotland too. It sounds fun!

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