…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part V… Edinburghinium (Continued)…


…I have every reason to  believe it may well turn out to be the date, time, place and meeting that people will refer back to in the future as ‘that moment’… ‘that moment in literary history’… ‘that moment inscribed in scribbling posterity’… ’that moment which spawned future wall inscriptions to be affixed on the walls of the actual get-together venue’… or p’raps not, Mabel… whatever, it was kinda special for this ol’ Jurassic… breaking bread with my publishers for the first time– the terrific duo of Laurence and Stephanie Patterson of Crooked Cat Publishing… I’m sure in the life of any pensmith, there are pivotal moments in yer career that should be remembered… this is one of them for me… the openness of the conversation was refreshing… my metamorphosis from ‘self-publisher’ to ‘housed author’ has been painless… there’s no doubt the industry continues to change apace… forget the nonsense yeez might read about the ‘flash-in-the-library-pan’ of eBooks versus traditional publishing… eBooks are here to stay, but even the virtual channels are now as much impacted as the ‘old’ way by ongoing changes… in business of any kind, the ability to adapt to the markets yeez are in is paramount… being flexible means paying attention to, and responding to, the demands of yer market… and that market quite simply is yer readership... Crooked Cat Publishing still appears to me to have its focus on the correct elements…


…forward, centre and back, are their authors… without them, there is no viable business… like the Walrus and his mates, we spoke of many things… and for a small fee of US$10,000, I’ll send yeez a transcript… and I’ll throw in as a bonus the recipe for the great batter for the fish and chips yeez see in the ‘captured-for-all-time’ photograph above… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part V… Edinburghinium (Continued)…

  1. Nice to meet Laurence and Stephanie. I’ve heard a lot about them and all good.

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  2. Great you got to meet them and share a meal. 🙂

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