…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part IV… Edinburghinium…


Enbra, the capital City of Bonnie Scotland, is majestic in many aspects, not the least being the magnificent Edinburgh Castle whose rock base towers imposingly above the metropolis… the dual-sided Prince’s Street houses mile after mile of stores and outlets on the distaff side of the road, the better for being offset across the street with a parallel matching stretch of gardens and greenery… even in the smirr and dreich drizzle that embraced this tightly-coat-and-scarf-wrapped ol’ Jurassic, it felt comforting to amble around the place… an interesting observation earlier in a taxi cab… I clambered into the rear of the vehicle and noticed a wee sign inside ‘No Food Or Drink Allowed In This Cab’… that’s fair enuff… except the cab driver was munching away on an oversized, dripping, egg and bacon roll, and slurping from a coffee-laden styrofoam container… it occurred to me that p’raps Enbra is a bit special inasmuch as its cabs are like commercial aircraft… yeez are only allowed to eat up in the front section… I spotted a Tour Walk, honouring past pillars of the Scottish Literary establishment, and must confess to a modest feeling of being miffed at the apparent absence of my own name… (prob’ly an oversight)…


…then a bit of trivia from the hotel… it’s amazing how yer discount points can get access to halfway decent hotels.. staying at The Caledonian, with perfect views up to the aforementioned castle… but it was what I saw inside that tickled me… my room on the first floor was close to the end of the hallway, along which were some rooms with interesting commemorative plaques nailed beside them… in succession, I passed by tribute suites to famous Scots… first, ‘The Sir Walter Scott Suite’, then ‘The Alexander Graham Bell Suite’… next along came ‘The Robert Louis Stevenson Suite’… and would yeez believe it, next in line, my room, suitably acknowledging my Iconic-Scots-Scribbler-Status-To-Be… not one, but two, plaques on the wall next to my room proclaimed, ‘Guest Exits–Fire Stairway’ and ‘This Way, In Case Of Fire–Do Not Use The Lifts’… ah, bluudy celebrity fame, Mabel, eh?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…



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4 responses to “…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part IV… Edinburghinium…

  1. I’m sure next time you go you’ll have your own commemorative plaque, Seumas. ♥

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  2. They can certainly do better than that, Seumas. I’m sure if Scott, Bell, and Stevenson had read your books they’d agree. 🙂

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