…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part III… Glasgowinium…

…there’s no dialect, lingo, tongue, or language on Planet Earth quite like the mellifluous music of the Glasgow version of English… a few gazillion bazillion gallons of water have flowed down the River Clyde since last this ol’ Jurassic set foot on Terra Glesga… it sounded like I’d been plunged back into a vast crowd of Rab C. Nesbitts… he of the high-end Docklands Govan sartorial string vest and patented chin stubble…



… a swift pas-de-ticket-change upon arriving at Enbra from Laahndinn innit?, had me bulleting toward my home city at a rate of knots… an easy disgorgement at Queen Street Station and a pace or twelve later, I was in the Millennium Hotel…. the good folks there arranged to let us have a smashing conservatory room with floor to ceiling picture windows out onto the thoroughfare at George Square… I was home… at least for a few hours… first in came Frank Muir, detective-novelist supreme, who avers he’s of more ‘mature’ vintage these days, but looks as if he’d come straight from doing his school homework… then prob’ly the absolutest most importantest guest of all, m’Lady, Georgie McKiernan… ‘coz  why? ‘coz she was the only READER who came along… soon after, m’Lady, Nancy Jardine, fresh from her latest Highland Historical Romance scribblings, had journeyed all the way down from the northern wilds of Aberdeenshire… (do I owe these people money or sum’thing?)… rounding off the company, m’Lady, Amy Hoff added her glow…


…as with the previous encounter earlier this week in Laahndinn innit? with a posse of terrific pen-pushing pals, the time just flew past… in passing, let me record that the party was undiminished even with the unfortunate episode involving m’Lady, Georgie McKiernan, as noted above, prob’ly the absolutest most importantest guest of all, when the dear woman stepped out of the conservatory, or more correctly mis-stepped out of the conservatory on a booby-trapped gradient, and slipped groundward… but, as the late and great Scottish comedian, Chic Murray, may well have observed, luckily the floor stopped her fall… I have it on good authority that the floor is recovering well from the incident and does not intend to press charges… the train trip back to Enbra in the evening went quickly, with a cacophony of great patter still ringing in my ears… thanks to each and everyone who managed to drop in… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…Gallacher’s Travels… (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)… Part III… Glasgowinium…

  1. Sounds like the meeting went well. I hope Georgie is okay. Looks like the building maintenance people had worked overtime with the floor polisher.

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  2. Another great meeting, Seumas. Fantastic! I hope you keen enjoying your trip!

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Reading your news from your lovely home place and friends is fantastic! Hope you have more hours enjoying so much!!!!!!

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