…Authors… playing the rankings ‘numbers’ game in a positive way…


…from the many virtual conversations I have with fellow scribes, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, all, and who have books listed on the Great God Amazon, I understand that most of us have more than a passing interest in how our wee masterpieces are faring… and why not?…  when yer real-life offspring go to school, yeez follow intently their progress and are rightly parentally proud of their achievements… the same thing with yer literary babies… elsewhere it’s been oft said there are ‘lies, damn lies, and statistics’… and I have no argument with that… the feat of any of yer novels getting into a ’top ten’ or ’top fifty’ or even ’top hundred’ in any listing is so fleeting when it does happen… why?.. ‘coz there’s over two million titles on Amazon... wake up at the back and read that again… over two million titles on Amazon… so, let’s get real about this… the beauty of ‘sub-sections’… the wonder of ‘JONGRR strata’ kicks in… that’s a fancy way of saying ‘yeez can still shine in sub-set rankings’,  Mabel… let me explain by showing yeez the full block of today’s ratings for THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY at Amazon.co.uk…

…call it selective focus if yeez like, but I’m delighted that fully seven years after its original launch, this wee devil is holding its own where it matters, in the ‘Crime’ JONGRR, especially ‘International Mystery & Crime’ at #543 (remember, over 2,000,000 titles out there)… and why delighted?..’coz that’s my readership market… and it gives direction and impetus to my regular (call that ‘constant’) author marketing programs…

…my other titles, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, SAVAGE PAYBACK and KILLER CITY are respectively #551, #455, and #538 in the same JONGRR bracket… and if yeez wanna get even more selective, yeez can highlight the various other Amazon markets, where similar progress is trackable… there’s yer thought and encouragement for today… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

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19 responses to “…Authors… playing the rankings ‘numbers’ game in a positive way…

  1. Jessica

    Hear hear – it was bliss being number 1 in Australian literary fiction for four days last month and to still be 51 even at full price. I celebrated by downloading Violin Man, so those rankings you list were influenced by me in a small way . Looking forward to discovering your oeuvre at half term!

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  2. I probably pay too much attention to the rankings. So used to thinking ‘Top 100 or bust’ that being anywhere else goes over my head. I really should take your approach and look at being even in the Top 1000 as a good thing. Very wise.

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  3. Congratulations, Seumas! When I read that many people want to write, but never even get started on a book, anyone like you who not only finishes a book, but goes on to write others and get them published is a special person. 🙂

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  4. Looks like your books are doing ok, well done.

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  5. Never check them. Read a blog post by an American author on how to play the rankings by buying reviews, and then offering free promos. It was all so underhand and dishonest that frankly, I don’t believe wherever one is in the ”rankings” is actually valid, as some writers are cheating out of hand (not you)

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    • …the major reasons I use them is to help me to know here to focus the marketing, fr’example, if one book needs a bit more push than another… plus it gives me an excuse from time to keep a marketing blurb running :):)


  6. Ah, inch by inch, and then yard by yard. Progress is g.o.o.d. Congratulations, Seumas. 🙂

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Yeez r doing WELL, Mr Gallachet! 😊

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  8. Nicely covered Seumas. And things can only get better.


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