…LUVLY Guest Blog post from my authoress pal, Val Portelli…

…the modern truth for authors, self-publishing or traditionally housed, is the need to be present on the SOSYAL NETWURKS, and to engage in blogging… here’s the delightful trip to that discovery by my great pal, Authoress, Val Portelli



I am an author- I LOVE saying that.

Years ago I was a banker, when it was a highly respected profession, but somehow it didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

‘No way!’ I told my niece, when she insisted I should have a Facebook page to promote my first book ‘CHANGES.’



‘That’s just for kids, playing silly games and chatting online, instead of walking five minutes to a friend’s house to speak face to face. E-mail is good enough for me. It’s easier than buying a stamp, writing a letter and waiting for a reply, in the hope the postman is in a good mood. ‘

Famous last words.

Apart from becoming a closet, addicted online games player, I’m now the proud possessor of two Facebook pages, – Val Portelli (the ‘me’ one) and Voinks (the professional ‘me’ one.)

My original solitary e-mail has now grown into four.

Blogging was next on the list.

One of those ‘it seemed a good idea at the time’ ideas, which now involves more hours spent keeping track of what’s been posted where, than actually writing!

Then there’s learning how the darn thing works in the first place. All good experience as they say.

In the midst of all this I somehow managed to get a publisher interested in my follow-up book

ABC Destiny.’


My very first book-signing event was arranged for the week following publication. Exciting stuff, except the builders were in and all my decent clothes were in black sacks, buried under piles of rubble.

What I have found amazing is how small the online world actually is, and how much cyber friends have in common. Readers of fiction seem to share a common love of animals, (I’m a dog person more than a cat one), nature and beautiful photographs.

Family and health are another common denominator, and I find myself routing for online friends beating Cancer, supporting those suffering from a bereavement, or celebrating the birth of a grandchild with a total stranger I have never met.

What a weird world we live in. Despite the changes in our lifestyles, technology still offers the old fashioned ‘over the back fence’ gossip, and support necessary for humans to interact with their fellow man.

Mix and Match

My online friends are an eclectic mix covering my various interests. As I get to know them I have discovered they are impossible to categorise. Initially they were divided into appropriate tags;

Elvis, Rock and roll, Authors, Animal lovers, Readers, Book clubs, Malta and so on.

Over time the categories become less clear cut. The professional contacts, such as Seumas Gallacher had to be moved to the ‘proper friends’ department; supportive, encouraging and there for you when you need them most.

His blog about his daughter enjoying a show and speaking in Tagalog, reminded me of another friend from the rock and roll category, who had an identical experience.

I’ve given up trying to categorise people; perhaps that is the true meaning of social media.

Thank you Sir Gallacher, me old Jurassic, for letting me liberate these thoughts, freeing my brain to get back to writing my next best-seller.

Love yeez.:

…m’Lady, Val’s wee masterpieces can be ‘clicked’ and owned thus on Amazon:

ABC Destiny’ by Voinks.


CHANGES’ by Voinks.







With stupendous thanks to my good friend Seumas Gallacher and his sidekick Jack Calder, who despite being world renowned (and Scottish) is supporting up and coming authors who are looking to take his crown. LoL. X

…many thanks for sharing, m’lady, Val… onward and upward :):)



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9 responses to “…LUVLY Guest Blog post from my authoress pal, Val Portelli…

  1. Thanks, Val, for that great review of your writing and social media experieces, and thanks to Seumas for having Val as an interesting guest. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for bringing us Val, Seumas. She’s right on the money. I think I’ve had most of her experiences too (although I don’t have a daughter and no publisher interested in my novels…). Who knows?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bless you Sir Gallacher for sharing my musings. As a newbie blogger I’m honoured to have graced the pages of such a renowned and famous author. I was looking for a ‘boot-licking’ button, but if you’re wearing your kilt it’s probably just as well there isn’t one! 😀
    Luv yeez, and thanks. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful to meet you, Val Portelli. Nice introduction to you and your books. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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