…abnormal normality or normal abnormality?… whaddya expect?… I’m a Writer…

…the next person ever I meet who is ‘normal’ will prob’ly be the first one… it’s bit like the trite definition of a ‘normal nuclear family’ having 2.7 children and 1.6 dogs… what’s ‘normal’ about 0.7 of a child, or 0.6 of a dog?… I’ve a friend from ‘way back who, like myself as a young trainee idiot, regularly indulged more than a drop of the electric soup… unlike me, however, the liquid intake transformed him into a wannabe F1 race driver… I’d hazard a guess that such a mixture— one part loony, one part booze, and one part automobile, is still frowned upon as not conducive to ‘extended life expectancy’… he told me once, that the resultant high-speed prangs he frequently encountered had him mentally prepared for such accidents… and that when they happened, he would ‘normally’ throw himself to the floor of the car, curled into a foetal ball… thus hopefully alleviating some of the worst effects of the crashes…


…note his use of the WURD, ‘normally’… I informed him I’d ‘normally’ not ever get into a car with him again… y’see, Mabel, what constitutes median, standard, regular, accepted so-called ‘norms’ in life differ greatly from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance… I’m a Writer… and every Writer has her/his own ‘normal’ idiosyncratic thingy-s… for this ol’ Jurassic, it’s ‘normal’ to live for a week with approximately 4 1/4  hours aggregate total of sleep… it’s ‘normal’ to treat a conveyor belt supply of potato crisps and chocolate biscuits as sensible dietary fodder… it’s ’normal’ to have endless internal, cerebral discussions with imaginary characters as to what part they have to play in yer masterpieces… and, of course, it’s ‘normal’ to yield to the demands of these non-existent ‘persons’


…in any other walk of life, the observance of sumb’dy having multi-way conversations with fresh air would result in institutional incarceration and examination by a battery of medical experts with white coats and stethoscopes… if yeez’ll just excuse me now… I have to go fetch my fifteenth ‘normal’ Diet Coke of the day… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…abnormal normality or normal abnormality?… whaddya expect?… I’m a Writer…

  1. Oh yes – you’d be normal in this house, Big Man where I just gave Badger an earful for referring to my characters as “imaginary peopld” – No they are my offspring… grrrrrrrrr

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  2. I’m a normal abnormal writer. I think we have a lot in common…including Diet Coke! Write on!!!

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  3. Normality is definitely overrated. And this is a psychiatrist talking. Or rather, writing. 🙂


  4. I read the advice that, “‘Normal’ sailed a long time ago, you’re a writer.” I thought, “Well I guess that’s true. I can now feel good about being eccentric.” 😀


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