…my great web pal, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin nails it!…

… my scant proficiency on Internet thing-ys does not stretch to an ability automatically to click sum’thing to reblog from Blogspot posts to this ‘ere WordPress page… ergo (fancy WURD for ‘therefore’, Mabel)… ergo, I have m’Lady, Barbara Laffin’s permission to cut and paste her piece from today on oap.barbie.blogspot.com , which just knocks the socks off yeez… have a wee read and delight in the insight that  comes from having ’been there, done that, got the T-shirt, ate the sandwich’LUVZYA, Barbara!…


Our purpose OF life v Our purpose IN life

So…. today I have nothing better to do that sit in front of my laptop screen, churning out my thoughts.

The reason being, that I went to my doctor…. following my diagnoses of IBS with the drop in centre GP. After describing my symptoms, and noting that this has been going on for quite a few weeks….. this apparently ‘red flagged’ my condition. A very fast referral was made to the hospital, I had a further consultation, and this afternoon I go in for a colonoscopy. Oh the fecking joy of it all!! Some medication of atomic power, and no food for 24 hours….. liquids only. So for 4 hours (plus) last evening, I had to skip to the loo quite often. Did I say skip I could have beaten Usain Bolt on a couple of occasions!! And this morning I have to repeat the process of taking the overly sweet, syrupy shite again…. a whole bloody litre of it. To say it will be a challenge is an understatement! But one glass down…. another 3 to follow. Along with any other clear liquid to wash it all down….. and out.

Now the surprising thing, as that whilst I am concerned, I am not overly worried, or panicking. There is little point in that, until I know the facts. And to be brutally honest, I don’t think panic will set it then, even if the news ain’t great. I have coped with so much in my life, come through the other side, and I am no worse for it. In fact I think I am a much better person for it. I have had suicidal thoughts twice,(decades ago), and survived bacterial meningitis, with very little damage. ( though sure a few would disagree…. but I don’t blame the illness!) I have had a dreadful few years, with a broken heart and spirit, uncertainty and financial difficulties, due to my marriage breakup. But I am currently in a good place. If I can get through that…. then I will give everything else that gets thrown at me, a bloody good shot!!!

( ….. second glass of the evil concoction)

Anyway, all this means I have had a little ponder, as I do.

I recently lost an extremely good friend….. no, I didn’t mislay her,  t she passed away suddenly. A young soldier was stabbed to death in my local town – a shocking event. Another friend has been having self esteem issues, with anxiety attacks. Several other friends are struggling with life changes because their health, and a few have terminal diagnoses. These events made me think about my own mortality and life.

We all know that we are born, and then we die….. (and pay taxes in the middle). Not one of us knows what our lives will bring. We can anticipate, and dream, of how it could be. We can plan for that happy, and secure, future. Does it happen? You bet your sweet arse it doesn’t. Life throws so many side balls at you. Knocks you off the path, and you have to bloody well re-evaluate again….. and again….. and again!

All our plans and ideas are set in sand, and the goalposts are movable….. especially affected by events outside of our control. The realisation of this SHOULD be common knowledge…… Ha!! Is it fuck!!! If I had my way, I’d be financially comfortable (don’t need rich), my health would be great, I’d be living in my ideal home, with my adoring family. Doing the things that give me the most pleasure. And everyone would be my friend. There would be world peace, and no racism, homophobia, religious hatred etc., etc., etc….

(….. 10 metre sprint… again)

So what is the purpose OF life?? I haven’t got a fecking clue. I cannot offer even a glimmer of a suggestion. We are here….. whether it is through evolution or creation. Why do we need to be here? Why do we have this thing called nature?? I’ve not a fecking scooby…..

But we are here…. so we should make it count. We should enjoy what we have around us. Our world, and it’s population of Man and Mother Nature of course. But do we?? Nope!! We are our own custodians, and we are crap at it. So, in my simplistic view, we should all take control of our own lives first. Once again, I do NOT mean in a selfish way, but in a nurturing and kind way. If we can be happy in our own bodies….. and head….. then that will reflect.

So many bloody people think that the world owes them something. *They are bigots and extremists, with little other than SELFISH aims. We all need to protect what we have a passion for…. but with dignity, respect, understanding and tolerance. A person who makes a reasoned discussion, without name calling, shouting and ridiculing etc. But, unfortunately, we ALL do it!  (*See above). But acknowledging that we do, is the first step to realising the hurt and anger it can cause. Learn to apologise (and mean it), forgive (even if you cannot forget), be sorry (but not point in rolling in regret), be kind to yourself (if you aren’t, how can you expect others to be?), be aware that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind (it’s not just you!)…. the list is probably endless.

(…….. third and final glass…… )

We get so involved in our own battles, it is hard to realise that other people also have them. We often think that no-one understands how we feel. But there are people that do. The empathisers….. the people who have experienced/or experiencing  similar issues. They are the people who can support you through the worst of the difficult times. Don’t look for sympathy, as that only pushes you deeper into the problem.

So the purpose OF life? No bloody idea!!

The purpose IN life? To be the best you can be, in everything you think, say and do….. and remind ourselves that it is OK not to be perfect. If we don’t make mistakes, or push barriers….. how will we ever learn??

With that I really need to go and sit on the loo with this last glass….. my little, old legs are not up to sprinting anymore……

I leave you with a smiling shot of my bare behind….

Have a good day y’all

B xxxxx

… thanks, m’Lady, Barbara… made my week, that has… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…my great web pal, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin nails it!…

  1. Best Wishes for this afternoon ‘M’Lady’ Barbara. (Oh Heck Seumas, you’ve got me at it now!) 😀
    I too survived the evil liquid in similar circumstances. My mistake was assuming the ‘clear liquid’ had to be water. What a shame Sir Gallacher hasn’t the gift of the sight. If he had published this a few months ago, I could have substituted a wee dram to make it more palatable. Never mind that it was only mid morning UK time, somewhere in the world the yard arm was duly sunned.

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  2. I’ve also been through that exam. It’s no fun. I hope for the best for you, Barbara. Thanks, Seumas, for sharing. Great piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for sharing and I hope Barbara is OK.

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