…my pal, fellow scribbler, Glen Stansfield, manages to make this ol’ Jurassic blush…


seumas-gOn Saturday, I popped in to see my friend Seumas Gallacher. He was at his book signing  in one of the Jashanmal book stores, here in Bahrain. This isn’t the first time I’ve dropped in on him at one of these events, but each time I do, I see the enthusiasm and excitement he has for writing.

Whilst  he is not one of the ‘biggies’ in the writing world (yet, I’m sure he will be one day), he has an immense passion for the whole process. He loves to ‘meet the people’, whether they are fans of his genre or not. Not for ol’ Jurassic the sign it and ‘next please’ attitude I have seen from other writers. If someone has taken the time to come and buy one of his books, then they deserve his full attention, and for as long as they need. And even if they don’t buy his books, he still engages in conversation with anyone, on any subject.

What a refreshing attitude. Whilst I’m sure he has an eye on the signingcommercial aspect, (well he is a banker after all… sorry Seumas 😉 ) it isn’t at the expense of being a decent, engaging human being. His knowledge of books is vast, and he clearly enjoys a good read. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and I know that when I’m thinking ‘what’s the point?’ a quick chat with Seumas has me all fired up and enthusiastic once again. His encouragement of others to write is constant, and he won’t accept ‘but I’m not really a writer.’ His answer will always be ‘If you write, you are a writer, and if you are a writer, why not come along the the Bahrain Writers Circle, we don’t bite.’

I am not sure where he gets his energy from, unless those diet Cokes are really Red Bull, but he approaches everything with such vigour. It’s an energy I wish I could muster on those occasions I sit and look at my computer, then go and watch yet another ‘dead body’ program on TV (well I am a crime writer after all.)

As an ambassador for the world of writing, and books in general, you would be hard pressed to find better. Long may your success continue, Seumas.

Why not pay him a visit at https://seumasgallacher.com/

(Hope that cheque’s in the post Seumas 😉 )


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10 responses to “…my pal, fellow scribbler, Glen Stansfield, manages to make this ol’ Jurassic blush…

  1. Totally endorse that Glen!

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  2. So true! I wish I had half as much energy. 🙂

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  3. Great piece Glen and Seumas. Your readers know it to be true, Suemas. Your zeal for writers and writing is well known. 🙂

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