…without it we are as NUTHIN… that simple thing called Gratitude…

…my great pal, Authoress and Podcaster au Parfait, K.J. Waters, reposted on her Facebook wall today an item about Gratitude… and I’d like to continue the theme on this ‘ere blog post… unless we are incredibly cosseted, or completely numb to the WURLD around us, most of us have had our share of the ups and downs involved in just being alive… and this ol’ Jurassic is no different in that respect… but along the way to reaching the milestone that gives me my free Camel Ride Pass, I’ve learned a few things that I will not let go of… and one of these is the adherence to an Attitude of Gratitude… having it is a choice… for me, it’s a no-brainer… the older I’ve become, the less I seem to yearn for ‘things’… that’s not to say ambition has disappeared… far from it… I still strive to be the best scribbler my wee gray cells will allow… the gifts that have accompanied delving onto the realms of Authorship have been piled on to me… my skills in compoooter thingymajigs has improved only a scant degree from my complete zero understanding seven years ago when I tapped out my first crime thriller… but the web has offered friendships galore from the vast universal writers diaspora… I get to front up, as last weekend at a book signing… where the books are mine!…


…I get wunnerful folks whose names I’ve never seen until they plant nice reviews on Amazon about my WURK… and the rest of Life’s travails start to balance out somewhat… so, yes , Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… yer ‘umble Scots penman IS gratefulgrateful to be able to use the laptop to unfold the stuff my brain makes up… grateful for the kindredship of fellow Bloggers and Writers… grateful that people see fit to wanna keep reading about Jack Calder and his buddies… thank you! thank you for you! … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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9 responses to “…without it we are as NUTHIN… that simple thing called Gratitude…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Thanks and gratitude must be in borh sides, you..(ol’ jurassic… jejeje) and me .ol’jurassusc as well, and the other persons, since you write so well and, why not???? at least you make me laugh with your way of inserting things like “Our teacher… chicken”…. It’s not strange there we add steackers …see you here and there LUV YEZZ, Marina and me…..

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  2. Gratitude is always a good thing to have, especially us writers. Without the readers we’d just be talking to ourselves…..hm…..I do that too! 😉

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  3. Great pix, Seumas!! Yer lookin’ dapper!

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  4. Being grateful is the sign of a truly enlightened and wise person. A trait becoming more rare each day.
    Nice looking picture!

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  5. Looks like your book signing at the store went well, Seumas. You’re right. Gratitude is something we should never forget. I know I consider myself fortunate and am most grateful. 🙂


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