…got a Book Store I can borrow, Guv?…

…there are some marvellous ‘Golden Moments’ that occur along the Authorial Highway… and for this ol’ Jurassic, one that must take a lot to outshine is the allocation of yer own personal space in yer local Book Store for a day… yeez can sit there, the writer cat with all the scribbler’s cream, smiling at buyers of yer tomes or mere passersby… and always that immovable smile of contentment ‘coz yeez are sitting amongst yer wee literary masterpieces, signing dedications on the flypages to sumb’dy’s Aunty This or Uncle That… I’ve done several similar book-signing events at Arts and Crafts Fairs… at outdoor Sports Events with ‘stalls’ of various kinds… also. of course at gatherings as a Guest Speaker, where the demand for signed copies is always so heartening… but never yet in a real, touch-and-feel-it, surrounded by shelves of the written WURD, Book Shop… this Friday (which is the first day of the non-work weekend here in the Middle East) I’m honoured to be given space in the Jashanmal store in the City Centre Shopping Mall in Bahrain,  the largest in the country…


…what a buzz!… I’ve already checked once, well maybe twice or three times… oh, alright— a dozen times… that the ‘signing pen’, a black-ink Pentel fibre-writer, is ready… poster replicas of the cover pages for my four Jack Calder crime thrillers to pin at the back of the presentation table… not forgetting the nifty ’Author Signed Copies’ notice… oh, the sheer bluddy celebrity of it all!… the special discrete delivery of books earmarked for the occasion have been put into the hands of the Store’s handlers… at least two and half billion people have been advised that it’s happening… so I expect at least five pals to turn up… I’ll let yeez know how it goes… in the meantime, practice continues to get my best angle for the thousands of expected  ‘selfies’ with the good people who actually buy a copy or two… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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19 responses to “…got a Book Store I can borrow, Guv?…

  1. How exciting! Rock on with your author self… 🙂

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  2. Wonderful, Seumas! Enjoy! 😀

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  3. The very best of GREAT LUCK to yez Seumas 👍😃

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  4. Super, duper habibi! I shall see you there at some point in the day. Tell Mr Calder, I’ll leave my calling card.


  5. rohini99

    Super, duper news habibi! Insha Allah I shall see you on Friday. Tell Mr. Calder I’ll be leaving my calling card 😉

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  6. That is one big book store. Congratulations, Seumas!! 🙂

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  7. Fabulous! Best of luck, Seumas!

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  8. Rosa Ave Fénix

    You know… I wish the best!!!!!!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  9. You work hard at your writing and you work hard at your promoting, and it shows. Congrats!!

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  10. This is so cool. It makes me sad to think how many people only order books on line or use ebooks – they have never walked into a book store, browsed, and found the perfect book. Icing on the cake if a author is actually there!


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