…sum’times yeez just have to listen and drink in the language of the Gods… enjoy…

…there’s a great sadness that attends any death, but prob’ly one that passes without much acknowledgement is the demise of a language… in my mid-teens I spent my early career on the beautiful Island of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides… I’ve shared often on this blog about my introduction to the magic of Scots Gaelic and went on to sing, compete and win medals doing so in that tongue at the national and local Gaelic Mods around Scotland over forty years ago… there’s sum’thing magical in the music of the Celt… just ask any of yer friends from Ireland also and they’ll tell yeez the same… it’s more than just the melodies, the tunes, the airs… it’s the association with the people of the Highlands and the Islands… there’s a welcoming hand… there’s a graciousness… there’s the time-of-day-to-pass-a pleasant-hour-or-three-over-a-wee-dram… there’s the caring for community, even with all its gossip, natter and chatter… I noted a Facebook post on my friend Nancy Lynn Baker’s wall today which triggered these thoughts… the simple wishing sumb’dy ‘good night with blessings’… the clip above by the Ossian is beautiful… I’d ask yeez to stop whatever yeez are doing for just a few minutes… sum’times yeez just have to listen and drink in the language of the Gods… enjoy… the language is slowly dying, and has been for more than the last two hundred years, ever since the notorious Highland Clearances of the mid 1700s… in fact, the most concentrated Scots Gaelic on the planet is currently to be found in Canada… in Nova Scotia (New Scotland, of course), but has diminished globally to less than 100,000 speakers… more’s the pity… Good Night with Blessings and may yer own Gods of yer choosing be with yeez all… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…sum’times yeez just have to listen and drink in the language of the Gods… enjoy…

  1. Rosa Avere Fénix

    Seumas… Celtc folk music… is great, when I listen to it… my heart is quiet…just pumping… beating, I agree with you!!!!!!

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  2. Losing a language is a horrible thing. Manx is no more, and I’d hate to see another Celtic tongue leave us. Hopefully Scotland will follow the Welsh and start rejuvenating scots gaelic in school…

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Lovely music… it give peace tomy heart! and it beats nicely!!!!!!

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  4. So easy to get lost in the soft sway of the words and music. Thank you for sharing, Seumas. In fact, I will listen again.

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  5. What a marvelous video.
    “there’s sum’thing magical in the music of the Celt” It’s true. There’s something that calls deep there to those who hear. Doorway to time/lives lived before perhaps. I’ve several CD’s of Celtic music that I played during trying times and found it centering and settling in a whirling world.
    Thanks for this one.
    (Novia Scotia is “New Scotland? Hmmm. might actually have a chance to explore that. Many Scots settled in East TX long ago….could be where all the colorful speech and phrases come from?)

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  6. I heard some years ago that Irish Gaelic was taught in the schools. I also hope the Scots do the same as the Irish and Welsh. It’s so terrible to see a language fade away. The music is beautiful. It weaves a spell.

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