…why should an Author bother with an Online Launch Party?… this ol’ Scots scribbler’s two cents worth…


…one of the beauties of being Writers is that we are each entitled to our own individual opinions… those of yeez who honour me by reading my Blog will know I’m not averse to offering my own slant on scribblers’ stuff… my personal approach to writing is holistic inasmuch as the creation of yer masterpieces is only one element of the entire process… ‘the business of writing’… throw in the need for managing the proof-reading, the editing, the cover artwork, the formatting for the Great God Amazon Kindle if the eBook route is called for… most of these latter functions are generally better handled with an eye and a brain other than the Author himself/herself… but whether yeez are self-published or ‘housed’, the lion’s share of the promotional and marketing activity devolves on the Author… the SOSYAL NETWURKS’ is not a ‘concept’…it’s a reality to be embraced… happily, I enjoy the several channels where I’ve developed a ‘presence’, not the least of which is this ‘ere Blog… comes the time for one of yer wee masterpieces to be introduced to the readership universe… this is particularly when yer investment in time spent with the SOSYAL MEDYA pays dividends… yeez throw the new book information onto Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Anyotherchannelyeezlike… yeez engage some of the ‘free to show’ webpages that rejoice in bringing ‘bargain babies’ to the market (‘bargain babies’, coz usually part of yer Launch Strategy is to offer for the first week or so at a reduced price before reverting to the normal cost… and on Facebook, yeez have the option to do an Online Launch Party… some folks eschew the notion as wasted time… in my not-so-‘umble opinion, any time spent interacting anywhere about yer books is time well-spent… yesterday I ran the Online Launch Party for my latest Jack Calder crime thriller offering, KILLER CITY… and it was great fun… more than 200 participants danced in and out of the virtual door all day- and night-long… 16 hours of my life engaged in nowt but communal banter and laffs with like-minded literary souls… so, yeez ask, ‘was it WURTH it?’… yeez can be the judge… from my perspective, I derived so much pleasure that even if I’d sold not a single copy, it would have made sense for me… but this morning’s overnight Amazon UK rankings in its genre showed this:

#37 in Kindle Store > Books > Crime, Thriller & Mystery > Mystery > International Mystery & Crime 

…discussion over…. see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



UK amzn.to/1OCzcgJ
US amzn.to/1VNwdYe
Can amzn.to/1KAjkdP
Aus bit.ly/1gnavKB




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25 responses to “…why should an Author bother with an Online Launch Party?… this ol’ Scots scribbler’s two cents worth…

  1. Love book launches As you say, even if you don’t sell any books ( which you do) they are great fun. As was yours..xxx oh, if you find any diamond bracelets, they are mine…

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  2. Reblogged this on Barrow Blogs: and commented:
    As one yet to do a ‘launch’ but think one might be imminent – a cheery thought

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  3. At this moment contemplating a face book launch party with a puzzled brow. Sorry I missed yours. I suppoe the rounds are cheap .

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  4. How exciting!!!! Based on your stats in the Amazon rankings – it seems it is quite worthwhile. Congratulations!!!!!

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  5. Congratulations, so pleased for you! One day I might have a launch party for one of my books, but I think at the moment it would be more like having a coffee with a couple of friends! I’d say your launch party was well worth it and I enjoyed having a wee giggle with Jackie when we were there. 🙂

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  6. I loved attending your party! It was great fun with Jeanette having some laughs and teasing the author. 😉 I would have a launch party for my release in a month or so, but I don’t have near as many ‘friends’ as you have, so it might be more of Jeanette’s idea, coffee/tea and good times with a few friends. 🙂

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  7. Rosa Ave Fénix (sometimes Marina)

    My friend… I WAS in the party, through facebook, and I spent a lovely time with you and your other friends, dancing Irish & Scottish music folk!!! Of course it was worthwhile, the most you speak about your book, the better, people must know how good your books are!!!!!
    Sincerely…. (I’m being very polite due to your friends in the party)

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  8. John Holt

    Glad it went well for you my man. If I could but finish the opus currently being worked on I may well follow your example and have a launch party myself – congratulations

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  9. Fantastic Seumas – great that it was a roaring success. Here’s to the next one…

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  10. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    Seumas’ launches are always great. Congratulations, Seumas! 🙂

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  11. Great advice as always. Very good luck with your latest book, Killer City. Have downloaded my copy – love the cover!


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