…yer man, Luke Kelly, late of The Dubliners, and currently still singing alongside the angels…

…being Scots as I am… (yeez may have noticed)… I mortgaged my soul to Celtic music a long time ago during my late teens sojourn in the Scottish Hebridean Island of Mull… particularly the gaelic ballads and airs, and folk music from my own country and from Ireland… I’ve enjoyed music of all types around the globe, but have yet to hear anything remotely capable of moving me like that of the Celt… no surprise then, when my good pal Lesley Krier Tither shared the number above from You Tube, it caught me holding back the tears (but not the emotion)… I believe it’s healthy to have feelings, and if music like this is the trigger, then that’s okay with me… of particular poignance is that this clip is the last performance by Luke Kelly… he knew his illness afforded him very little remaining time… The Dubliners, of course, are a household name across the WURLD, and have been for decades… matched against current ‘entertainers’ and singers, most of the present breed couldn’t hold a candle to these guys… an amusing (obviously Irish wit) comment in the post-wall along with the clip says, ‘…On the day of his funeral, one mourner observed that if Luke had known how much he was loved, he would never have died…’ …another says, ‘…listening to the song causes the hairs to rise on my arms and the back of my neck…’ …that’s how I feel too, when I listen to it… for all the razzamatazz and hype that attends the ‘pushing’ of today’s wannabe ‘stars’, very few of them have that quality that touches yer emotional strings like this… the mark of greatness… the often forced performances in programmes like the ‘Voice of Wherever’ occasionally will provide wee glimpses, but none as natural as yer man, Luke Kelly, late of The Dubliners, and currently still singing alongside the angels… enjoy the soul-music… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…yer man, Luke Kelly, late of The Dubliners, and currently still singing alongside the angels…

  1. A lovely piece in honor of the late Luke Kelly, Seumas. I’m sure he would have loved it. 🙂

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  2. Thanks, being a soulless English Man I’ve not hered of him before. I shall hunt an album down on you tube – any suggestions to which one would be best to start with?

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    • …sounds to me as if you are already an Honorary Celt, Eric!… Luke Kelly died in 1984, but is considered the greatest-ever Irish balladeer … his association with The Dubliners began when he was a founding member, so anything prior to that will be live stuff…there are many recordings afterward capturing his old songs, and even albums featuring him … I suggest trying the album, merely called The Dubliners, which I believe dates back to 1967 … but whatever… his voice is so powerful, he carries the vocals all the time … enjoy, that man ..cheers 🙂

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  3. ..a voice in a million, m’Lady… resonant, emotive, timbres… the whole package …and effortless:):)


  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I love music, but soul, celtic… are very special, my heart seems to beat at the sounds of the music.Thanks for the song!!!

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  5. Love music like this and I agree with you about the ‘forced’ voices of today.

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  6. I can’t believe he’s been gone so long! Thanks for the memorial, Seumas.

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  7. The Dubliners were known world wide. Real music – rare now. Loved the clip.


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