…anyone who had a heart… would support an Author…

…what a marvellous prompt… to celebrate the life and music of a lady I’ve admired for years, the late Cilla Black… enjoy one of her most-LUVVED songs above while yeez read this wee blog… the enduring quality of the lady was her attachment to her roots… to the ordinary Man-And-Woman-In-The-Street from her hometown of Liverpool… I can seldom recall ever seeing her not smiling… the disarming ‘Lorra Lorra Laffs’ phrase that exuded warmth, and more than just a tad of unconditional LUV… and corny as it may sound, I think her attitude is one that most of us would prob’ly embrace if  directed that way… I refer specifically to the way we interact with others and very specifically with our own quill-scrapers breed—Writers… 99.9999% of we scribblers have experienced the ‘loneliness of the long-distance virtual candle-lit garret-dwelling pensperson’… and what a joy it is when sumb’dy ‘had a heart’ to tell us we are valued… the message that uplifts our literary labours… the review for our first little baby novel… the interchange on the SOSYAL NETWURKS… the acknowledgement that our WURK has sum’how touched another person… truth be known if this ol’ Scots Jurassic is any benchmark, there’s an incredible vulnerability in being a writer… the peaks and troughs of belief in oneself, countered by the abyss of self-doubt is a trait most of us will recognise… that’s why my own philosophy of supporting other Authors is so important to me… when I started out, no-one knew my stuff… over the last several years, I’ve been blessed (and astonished) by the positive reception for my books… but more cherished is the banter, the laffs, the poking fun at each other as real pals on the Internet… it is priceless… so, today, give a thought… anyone who had a heart… would support an Author… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…anyone who had a heart… would support an Author…

  1. I think most of us are vulnerable in some way. You’re perfectly right that we need to be kind to each other. We have to remember that we recieve what we give. 🙂

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  2. Wise words Seumas and I for one try my best to offer what little support I can to other writers and to just people in general. I have always believed in the ‘positive begets positive’ attitude. 🙂

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Really!!!!! and you have my heart to support you in your good books!… very good indeed…I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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  4. I always thought that song was sung by Dionne Warwick (I always called her “the lady with the golden voice.” It was a beautiful song, no matter who the lady was that recorded it.


  5. Hi, Seumas. I just posted links to your books on my google+ page. It only lets me insert one link so there are no pictures of your covers, but the links to amazon.com are there. Because a link to amazon didn’t come up for your latest novel, I was able to paste the link to the URL, thus showing the cover of the book. Best wishes for much success.


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