…you are never to go to that dark place, Simba… Spammerland… bad things happen there…


…there’s a fine line between (ssshhhh…) ‘spamming’ and ‘acceptable self-promotion’ for yer literary masterpieces… I just LUV the internet and all the linkage with my fellow-scribblers, readers and assorted buddies, nutters and others, of which we seem to have a fair assortment… equally, I enjoy immensely broadcasting on behalf of others their own promotions for books, special events such as book signings, acquisition of publishers, and all the wunnerful stuff the business throws our way… I shamelessly indulge the SOSYAL NETWURKS in propagation of my own wee WURKS where appropriate… and therein hangs the pivotal WURD… ‘appropriate’… of late, I’m noticing an increase of people who ‘friend’, ‘follow’, ‘link’, whatever yeez wanna call it, and the very next message is a plea to buy their latest tomes… it doesn’t operate that way in my view… Lawd knows, the majority of us who write are keen to see our books download… a single sale is a thing of beauty and a joy for, well, if not forever, at least for an hour or so… I’m currently in ‘ramp-up’ mode as the launch date approaches for KILLER CITY, my latest Jack Calder crime thriller… next Friday August 21st… and have been busy as usual, drumming away on Twitter, Facebook, and this ‘ere blog about that…. but a sense of balance is always called for… the hype from my side is tempered by ensuring plenty of other interesting (hopefully) material gets wrapped around alongside… I’m often asked, ‘how much self stuff is acceptable?’… the answer is equivalent to the one for ‘how long is a piece of string’.… after a while yeez get to know when yer own gut tells yeez to ‘pull yer head in a bit’…my not-so-‘umble opinion is that 10%/90% self/other stuff is an acceptable ratio… if yeez can reach the point where yer messages are treated as legitimate notices and not as spam, yeez’ve made it… so back to my ‘non-spam’ alert… KILLER CITY is available now on pre-order, as cheap as chips… fill yer Kindles… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


UK amzn.to/1OCzcgJ

US amzn.to/1VNwdYe

Can amzn.to/1KAjkdP

Aus bit.ly/1gnavKB


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14 responses to “…you are never to go to that dark place, Simba… Spammerland… bad things happen there…

  1. Got my copy already pre-ordered Seumas 👍😱😃😎

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  2. Crooked Cat

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  3. Well, I’m filling in with books two and three! I absolutely agree with you, Seumas, most of the ‘followers’ I have on twitface are people who want me to buy their books or people who want me to pay to advertise my books, neither of which I want. Of course I want people to buy my books – oh, and a sale for me is a delight for a few days lol – but I am getting a great deal of enjoyment out of building friendships in Blogland and if they then want to take a look at my books then I’m delighted. But I would never go to them and say, ‘thanks for the follow, will you now buy my book’…I’m put off by that myself so I wouldn’t do it to anyone else. 🙂

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  4. Sometimes I think people don’t even understand what “spamming” is anymore… for instance, I received an unsolicited email from someone trying to sell me their book promo services the other day, a spiel telling me how they could do this and that, and at the end of the missive they had the gall to say that they were abiding by CAN-SPAM Act’s policies! Oh really? In your SPAM MESSAGE, where you are explicitly selling me something I don’t want in an email I never signed up to receive, you are insisting that you are abiding by the ANTI-SPAM LAWS?!? Some people are either incredibly thick, or are just totally oblivious, eh?

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  5. Do you want to do me a blog post? (Pref in er…UK english?

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  6. Good job, Seumas! Do you want me to reblog or blog your release? Have one almost ready for you too 🙂

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    Come and join Seumas and the rest of us at the virtual launch of his latest thriller, “Killer City.”

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