…an Author’s Golden Moments… grab ‘em where yeez can…

…I s’pose it happens all the time to that wee Rowling lassie, and Messrs Child and Patterson… the recognition thing… the awareness that yeez have ‘arrived’ as a scribbler… some months ago, one of these ‘Golden Moments’ occurred for this ol’ Jurassic Scots writer in, of all places, Abu Dhabi International Airport… at the arrivals hall, the esplanade opens out into the usual melange of signs for taxis, buses, and private hires, along with assorted coffee and croissant dispensaries, travel firms and hotel booking agencies… and tucked over in the corner is the ubiquitous W.H.Smith’s, purveyors of assorted newspapers, journals, magazines and, not least, shelves of books for sale… now, W.H.Smith is one of the retail book distributors with whom I entrusted my wee Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces a while back in Abu Dhabi… staring me in the face, front and centre, were THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY tagged as #6 in their bestselling novels, and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, at #11, a not so-dreadful distance from its literary sibling…


…yeez don’t know whether to walk nonchalantly over and peer dramatically at the covers for a few minutes to see if anyone else will follow suit… or just simply stand there, beaming ear-to-ear, pointing at the bluudy things and screaming, ‘they’re mine! they’re mine!’…  but a nice feeling it is, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… matched this week with an incident that goes even one better in my estimation… indulging a cup of overpriced coffee in Starbuxxxx, I looked across at the next table, and sumb’dy I’ve never met before was engrossed in a copy of VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… of course, being the shy, retiring buffoon that I am, I asked politely if the gentleman was enjoying the read… he said ‘yes’, so I considered it safe to introduce myself as the architect of the tome he held… a highly pleasant conversation followed and he asked me to sign the book… I’m not sure what the meeting did for him that day, but it certainly made mine!… an Author’s Golden Moments…. grab ‘em where yeez can… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…an Author’s Golden Moments… grab ‘em where yeez can…

  1. Now that has to have felt good 😀 x

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  2. What a beautiful moment. Congratulations!

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  3. Those “golden moments” are precious.

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  4. Good for you! Wonderful moments! 🙂

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  5. I’m so happy for you! What an awesome feeling that must be! Love the pictures…you need to get one of those life-size cardboard seumases to put next to the display!

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  6. Today Abu Dhabi International Airport, tomorrow Schipol, Munich, Hong Kong International, Heathrow, John F. Kennedy, Incheon . . . wait, I think they’re already there. Especially nice to have met someone reading one. Congratulations!


  7. You deserve it – so happy for you!


  8. Now, that is truly a Golden Mement! A well-deserved treat! Lynn M.


  9. Those were two priceless moments for you I’m sure, Seumas. That man with your book certainly had something to tell his friends and family when he got home. . Congratulations! 🙂


  10. @hell4heather

    Love this story Seumas x


  11. My dream is your reality. Love airport bookstores. I always buy two! Fantastic news Seumas. Well done, man.


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