…the Author’s equivalent of ‘peel me a grape, why doncha?’…

…in a WURLD beset with so much trouble, stress, anxiety, angst, and all the attendant sum’time weariness that sets in just from being alive, it’s okay to dream… even writers are permitted to indulge in flights of fancy… Lawd knows, most of us indulge in such journeys on a daily basis just creating our wee masterpieces, right?… however, I’m thinking more along the lines of ‘what ifs?’what if, the Nobel Prize for Literature Committee, at last, deemed fit to recognise yer latest scribbling as the finest work of penmanship since papyrus was invented… what if, yer equivalent of Fifty-Shades-of-Some-Colour-Or-Other, propelled itself onto the Noo Yawk Best Seller lists and stayed there for longer than Cher has been 29 years old?… what if, that M.Scorsese fella, and the other bloke, Mister G.Ritchie, were hammering yer phone lines in competition to take up the enormously highly-priced options on yer manuscripts (plural)?… what if, the Great God Amazon Kindle dedicated an entire month to pushing only novels bearing yer own monikers on their ‘Recommended Reads’?… what if, the Oscar ceremonies were swamped with examples of yer books winning the most sought-after ‘Screen Play Adaptions From Original WURKS’?… what if, every time yeez sent stuff to yer editor, it would come back with the message, ‘I can’t find a single comma, WURD, plot flow quirk, character arc, semi-colon or phrase out of place in this wunnerful scribbling?’


…and so, the reverie fades into infinity… I know, I know, I know, Mabel… it’s the Author’s equivalent of ‘peel me a grape, why doncha?‘… but hey, contrary to common belief, we poor quill-scrapers are actually human too… and humans dream, don’t they?… wistful sigh as the background fades into sepia… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…the Author’s equivalent of ‘peel me a grape, why doncha?’…

  1. Tell you what, Seumas, me duck, you are always entertaining, you can always make me laugh in your blogs. That’s a rare talent you have there. I, Jeanette T. Ford, award you a C.D.M. for being a RITE GUD LAFF :*

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  2. I don’t notice all my dreams coming true, Seumas, but it seems I’ve fortunately, or unfortunately, lived in “interesting times.” It does give me things to write about. That’s not all bad. If I add my imagination and sense of humor, it hopefully becomes interesting for my readers. 🙂

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  3. All good dreams Seumas. Yes, we writers are dreamers too, I say so on my blog, that I am a dreamer. 😉

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Seumas!!!!! First lots of thanks for the music, for years it’s been one of my favourit! and… why not to dream??? life sometimes is very cruel, for writers, comedians, dancers… and so on… for me as well, my dream is…”why not to meet Saumas? hahahahahah…

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  5. (So there you are – the gremlins apparently have unsubscribed me from your blog and Susan’s and others…so working backwards)
    Dreams are what keep us going…artists, writers, musicians, children, trees. Those other individuals with shoulders down rushing from place to place seem to have forgotten dreams are as necessary as feasts of food. (and less fattening)
    Enjoyed the grins, thanks

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