…if yeez LUV yer books… it’s okay to LUV yer Authors, too… let them know it!…

…I’m an unashamed user of the SOSYAL NETWURKS in pursuit of my ‘business of writing’… in reflective self-honesty, I try to steer clear of SPAMMING, which I find as abhorrent and annoying as most of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… that does not preclude from time to time an acceptable amount of inclusion  in my posts, elements of my own WURK… there’s a proper way to do that… I like to think, in balance, the majority of my posts are aimed at entertaining, p’raps even educating, and certainly empathising with my fellow scribblers in support of their wee masterpieces… that balance is generally about 90% for others, 10% for my stuff… and I’m comfortable with that… when occasions arrive, such as this present period, running up to and including the launch of my latest Jack Calder  crime thriller, KILLER CITY, there will inevitably be a slight switch in the balance toward letting the readership universe know when to expect my literary offering’s emergence… most quill-scrapers will tell yeez we are a highly sensitive breed, more so immediately prior to the ‘birth’ of a new novel… it is therefore with enormous and unbridled pleasure I see the following comment on Facebook from my latest instant-buddy pal, Lianne Abbott, who has just picked up my first book from ’way back, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY :

Lianne Abbott Am half way through The Violin Man’s Legacy …. I’m loving it, it’s right up my street ! Thank you Mr Seumas Gallacher I shall definitely be reading them all, what a clever man you are ! (And a gent !)  X

…it doesn’t get much better than that for a writer!  thank you, m’Lady Dianne… you’ve made a happy man very old!

…but it raises the question for me, that …if yeez LUV yer books… it’s okay to LUV yer Authors, too… let them know it!.. we are really still human beings… honest!

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9 responses to “…if yeez LUV yer books… it’s okay to LUV yer Authors, too… let them know it!…

  1. rohini99

    I’m sure it is okay to love/luv an author, but not necessarily. I know some writers whose works and writing I admire immensely, but on reading about their lives, I’m not sure I’d love them, in fact may not like them as individuals at all!

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  2. I have found so many books and their authors, both of whom I luv; however, there are some authors who I like very much as people but I don’t particularly like their books. Not an easy situation when they are likely to ask me what I think of their works…

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  3. Good piece, Seumas, and Congratulations on the great review. I agree that you are a very talented and clever man. You are also a generous one. 🙂


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