…mavericks united… never, never, never give up… a message from my lifelong hero…

…there are very few of us in any walk of life who don’t have wee visitations of ‘down days’… when the shadow of the wolf snaps at our mental heels… most of us are able to disguise how we are being lambasted by the stresses of just keeping on breathing… others let it all hang out… until eventually, usually, the darkness passes… my own personal ethos, and a constant armour against the packs of those cerebral wolves is to believe in having only two kinds of day… good days and better days… a good day is when I wake up and I’m still alive… anything above that is a better day… that’s not to belittle the burdens and life struggles that many of my fellow human beings suffer on a daily basis… but I can only speak for myself… life has given this ol’ Jurassic some incredible points of glorious elation… but, also, it has thrown in some desperately fierce black times… that’s called ‘life experience’, and much as I would have preferred not to have been through some of it, I realise that every instant, every second, every period of it, was necessary to bring me to where I am today… and in these reflections I think back on the multitude of examples from my lifelong hero, Sir Winston Churchill


…if ever a man personified the urge to overcome obstacles, he had it in spades… I’m not even referring to his immense contribution during the blitz-ridden war years, but to events in his earlier life, when reverse upon reverse hammered the man… he didn’t always get stuff right… he messed up hugely over Gallipoli… over the Irish situation… over his abysmal financial dealings which all but bankrupted him… remember as a young man at college, he was earmarked as the dunce of the class… ‘never-gonna-succeed’ material… oh yeah?… today, in the mail, I received a present from one of my sisters in Glasgow… she knows of my affinity for all things Churchillian… she sent me a commemorative medallion/coin showing Winston, and his eternal quotation… never, never, never, give up… a message for all yeez mavericks, wherever yeez might be… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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16 responses to “…mavericks united… never, never, never give up… a message from my lifelong hero…

  1. Great words, Seumas. I have to keep trying. What else can I do? Mega hugs! 😀

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  2. Encouraging advice for one and all, Seumas. 🙂

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  3. Just the message that I needed on a day when I’m ready to give up on writing, emigrating, and on my disability. Need to have a re-think. Thanks Seumas and Winston.

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  4. We all have those times when things seem pointless in keep trying. We all need a reminder sometimes Thanks Seumas 🙂

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  5. Yep. Totally, absolutely and for ever.

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  6. My favorite Churchill quote is “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” He really was “the man, the myth, the legend!” Thank you Seumas! And here’s to lots of good and better days!

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  7. Following his example, “Never say die” is something I’ve lived by since my youth; it works. You suffer a knockdown, you get up and press on. Just like Winston.
    I’ll always remember that photograph of Churchill taken in the “dark days” before the Battle of Britain, in his boiler suit, wearing a hat, the inevitable cigar in his mouth, standing above Dover’s White Cliffs, facing France, an expression of defiance on his face. And cradled in his arms, a Thompson Sub-Machine gun. Says it all. Thanks Seumas.

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