…Nik Morton blogs on three thrillers on offer from Crooked Cat Publishing this week…

…pal, and fellow scribbler, Nik Morton, carries a nice piece in his blog today with reference to the terrific three-book offering from Crooked Cat Publishing this week in the thriller JONGGR, with a focus on my wee baby, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… cheers , that man:



‘Wreak ruthless retaliation…’

All this week Crooked Cat Publishing is offering three thrillers for a bargain e-book price each of 99p/$1.07 or thereabouts. The thrillers are The Carbon TrailThe Prague Papers and Vengeance Wears Black.



Today, we’ll look at Vengeance Wears Black which is the second in Seumas Gallacher’s series about Jack Calder, an ex-SAS man who is now a security specialist. The first in the series is The Violin Man’s Legacy and the third is Savage Payback.

The books are fast-paced, constantly moving plot driven action tales. Already, Seumas has a large and loyal following that look out for his next Calder escapade.


Jack Calder and his former SAS colleagues in the specialist security firm ISP are saved from certain death when an ex-Gurkha friend is killed while smothering a deadly grenade thrown into a lunchtime Chinese restaurant in the West End of London. They learn that murderous turf wars are raging between Asian Triads and Eastern European mobsters vying for control of international fiefdoms of drug smuggling, people trafficking, prostitution and money laundering.

An unexpected visit from the highest levels of international law enforcement offers Jack and the ISP team a means to use their black operations skills to wreak a ruthless retaliation against the drug lords.

Unlikely partners emerge in their onslaught against the gangs as the warring criminal factions threaten an unholy alliance to repel them.

The pursuit spins across Europe, Turkey and North Africa before a final reckoning.

Sample Amazon reviews:

Vengeance Wears Black is definitely a man’s thriller. Written with spare prose, but enough to give you a good idea of the characters and their emotions, the book provides lots of action with hardly a pause for breath. Not to say that a woman reader wouldn’t enjoy it — there are lots of handsome characters.

The world, generally, is a good place but there are those who despoil it. Jack and his fellows at ISP are the ones who see that those despoilers receive the justice they deserve. If you want your world in more shades of grey and moral complexity thick as molasses, look elsewhere. If you want a taut, well executed action story, you could do far worse than to give this a go.

Set on an international stage the story provided well-fleshed out characters, suspense and details aplenty to make it very believable. Definitely engrossing from first page to last.

For anyone who likes their reading material fast paced and no nonsense, this is definitely for you!

This is not only part of a series, but a standalone book as well. Jack Calder’s undercover team are brilliantly drawn characters, who you wholly believe in with a cracking plot that spans continents. I particularly liked the fact that the author explores his characters, their foibles and their flaws, so you really get to know them, whilst still moving the plot forward, because if a character has flaws, you can be sure the bad guys will exploit them! If you like action, adventure and spooks then this is a thriller you won’t want to miss.

…thanks again to Nik Morton



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5 responses to “…Nik Morton blogs on three thrillers on offer from Crooked Cat Publishing this week…

  1. Good luck with the promo! 🙂

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  2. Sounds great, Seumas. 🙂


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