…the importance about being earnest regarding yer book covers…


…I’ve never been renowned as a dapper dresser, although Master Sean Connery has called a few times for tips on how to sport an edgy kilt… that apart, I am to couture sense as Miley Cyrus is to modesty… growing up as kids, our Sunday School attendance and end-of-school-term-prize-giving events demanded our best bib and tucker outfits be on full display… even an extra swipe with the soap behind the ears and neck… then along came the early employment days as an apprentice let’s-ruin-the-financial-WURLD banker, where a suit and tie was the uniform de riguer… (now for many, replaced by grey flannel garb with prison arrows)… suffice to note, this ol’ Jurassic has experienced a nudging, if grudging, acquaintance with ‘dress code’… this has lent a welcome approach to the suiting out of my wee literary masterpieces as they come flowing (read: ‘struggling’) off the laptop… some aver yeez can’t tell a book by its cover… they must be reading the wrong bluudy books then, in my not so ‘umble opinion… in bygone days, in my twice-yearly trips from the Middle East into London, the mandatory safari into Waterstones in Piccadilly resulted in book purchases by the mega-kilo… and almost to a decimal point, 100% were bought on cover-love-attraction… on the other side of that syndrome, many books would be rejected ‘coz the front art failed to hit the nano-second purchasing decision sweet spot… if yeez are fortunate enuff to produce more than one of yer own tomes, ‘branding’ also becomes important… in simple terms, ‘branding’ is recognition… ‘branding’ is identification… ‘branding’ is part of yer LUV affair with yer readership… in August, Crooked Cat Publishing will hold my baby’s hand as it toddles onto the Great God Amazon’s patch… yeez can see above how we’ve clothed it… hope yeez like it … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

…here’s the family photograph…

wallpaper 2



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19 responses to “…the importance about being earnest regarding yer book covers…

  1. Great cove for another great book!

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  2. Now Seumas… You’re always the most dapper man in the blogosphere. Hugs!

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  3. Great cover. The branding looks great across all four. It’s easy to see how they fit together.

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  4. Excellent cover… on the next one, could we have Jack in a kilt?

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  5. Well turned out book, Seumas. They all look good together. Congrats!

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  6. Your offspring are gorgeous! Must be genetic 🙂

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  7. It looks good. I’m intrigued by the fact that the typography is so different in the four of them. Most people seem to try and use very similar fonts.

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  8. The latest cover is a real attention-getter, Seumas, just like the others. All great looking covers. 🙂

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  9. Yes, it’s a cover that pulls. Just like the previous ones; good artwork. Like it.


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