…lost in numeric translation…


…this ol’ Jurassic has wandered all over the place around this amazing planet… and umpteen incidences of misinterpretation have been par for the course… it’s bad enuff trying to be understood in London as a Scotsman, but try to decipher the mysteries of oral communication where even the Queen’s English gets totally bent out of shape, and things can rapidly become sum’what more obscure… following my phrase above, ‘par for the course’ one notable mangling of the spoken WURD occurred after a round of golf in the Philippines…


…at the time, my thrashing about the place, flailing different golf bats at wee white balls, usually resulted in a score in excess of 100 shots per round… Rory McIlroy’s career prominence was never at risk versus my capability on the 18-hole swards… however, in that deliciously mischievous way the Gods can toy with us, on one remarkable occasion, it took no more than 77 smacks of the ball to complete a (full!) round … to put that in perspective, the best ever score prior to that day had been in the high 80s (closer to 90 than 87)… it was a miracle of luck combined with even more luck… any golfers amongst yeez will understand precisely what I mean… delirium was at its fullest… best ever round, and thus it has remained these past 20 or so years since it happened… but on that occasion one of my golfing foursome was the executive chef of the salubrious Peninsula Hotel in Manila… to celebrate, he offered a free dinner at his swanky fine dining establishment…back then, the famed ‘Old Manila’ restaurant …I don’t know if it’s even there any more… he joined my party at the dinner table, and told me to expect a wee surprise at the end of the meal… sure enuff, the starters, entrees and sweets were duly dispatched and out came a bunch of the waiting staff with a huge cake with candles… on the cake, it bore the legend ’congratulations on your 77’, which was the message the chef had given his kitchen staff to prepare… unknown to him, however, they had added another phrase, ‘Happy Birthday’ !…



…and they all sang ‘Happy Birthday’, with the rest of the restaurant diners joining in… I must have been the youngest-looking septuagenarian ever to have dined in their premises… a record I’m happy to maintain… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…lost in numeric translation…

  1. That was a wonderful thing to do, send out a cake to honor your golf score…even if it wasn’t your birthday! 🙂

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  2. ..it was a splendid day all round… and highly amusing to all involved :):)


  3. I’m surprised someone didn’t ask what your secret was for looking so young for you age. 😀

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