…Authors… yeez can all be modern day dream-spinners…

…since ever I can remember as a young boy, I’ve had my nose stuck in some book or other… I’m sure many of yeez did the same… my upbringing in the Docklands Govan area of Glasgow is well known to many of yeez who honour me by following this blog… it was no different to millions of others in deprived slums in the UK’s big cities, and for many the escape valve back then was found in reading… even television was out of reach for most families in the district in the early 1950s… radio, or ‘the wireless’ as we called it, provided communal family entertainment, but NUTHIN compared to the WURLD of books for continued, limitless foraging into other universes… the pictures painted by the authors I first read took me alongside Enid Blyton’s children’s adventure escapades… Hansel and Gretel, Heidi, Black Beauty, King Solomon’s Mines, all diverted the rhythm of Govan life… then along came the ‘growing-up-a-wee-bit-more’ stuff… anything by Robert Louis Stevenson, (…aaargh, Jim, lad!)… The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Three Musketeers, Gulliver’s Travels, Jules Verne’s fantastical journeys, all provided much needed colour and diversion… the segue into adult reading broadened into the west-coast and east-coast American literary giants, John Steinbeck and John O’Hara, mixed in with devouring novels by Robert Ruark and F. Scott Fitzgerald… and the strongest possible common bond through all of the wonderful reading odyssey is the talent of the many dream-spinners called writers… those with the splendid talent of creating books for me to step into and inhabit for a while… to feel what their characters feel… to see, taste and smell the same things as they do… if this ol’ Jurassic comes even a smidgeon close to doing that in sculpting my own wee masterpieces, then the lifelong apprenticeship will have been well worth while… there’s the aim… Authors… yeez can all be modern day dream-spinners… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…Authors… yeez can all be modern day dream-spinners…

  1. Seumas, just love being a dream-spinner alonga yoo, boi 🙂

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  2. Lovely thought. Happy week.

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  3. That call is hard to resist, Seumas. But then who would want to. 🙂


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