…if ye’ve got it, flaunt it… my new heroine, Johanna Colon…

…I’ve no doubt most of yeez have already seen this clip that has set the internet alight… I’ve watched it several times a day for the last week or so, and it fills me with laughter, joy, and admiration for a wee lassie that just ‘lets it all hang out’… the sheer SASS of the bairn is sum’thing the rest of it should look to emulate from time to time in our lives… like that saying yeez get from time to time on Facebook‘dance like no-one’s watching’… well the whole WURLD it seems has watched, and is still watching, Johanna Colon… sum’where approaching 30 million views ! (yes, 30 million!)… I’m in awe of the intensity of her dancing… the reaction from the audience tells yeez they enjoyed it as much as she did… so , whatever yeez might be doing right now, I’d recommend yeez stop and watch this clip again, and again, and again… if it doesn’t lend at least a smile to yer faces, then I suggest yeez go see a doctor and get a humour transplant… if ye’ve got it, flaunt it… my new heroine, Johanna Colon… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!...



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7 responses to “…if ye’ve got it, flaunt it… my new heroine, Johanna Colon…

  1. She’s quite a character. It was probably a piece that was taught to them in dance class, she’s no doubt seen Aretha on film, and has added a considerable amount of her own personal flair to it. That’s what it takes to make “headliners.” She seems to have a natural ability to capture actions, and to catch and hold the spotlight. There are some actors who dislike performing with animals and/or children for that reason. Thanks for passing that along, Seumas. 😀


  2. That was adorable. Talk about working the crowd!


  3. Love this! Seen it a few times now. This little lass has that ‘X Factor’ alright; she has natural flair for playing her audience; she has that X-tra something that not all performers have -Charisma 🙂


  4. Absolutely d.e.l.i.g.h.t.f.u.l. 😀


  5. Attagirl Johanna! Thanks for sharing Seumas. Perfect to brighten this dark rainy day. Hugs


  6. She’s fabulous. I suspect the other two girls were mortified…


  7. That one always makes me smile. Sass is right.
    With luck her free wheeling self confident style won’t be crushed out of her by school, others’ expectations, and mean online experiences.
    Be resilient and strong, little one.


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