Indie Success –10 things that really matter

…from my pal, wonderful post.. gotta reblog, m’Lady , Sue Vincent 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Hans Christian Andersen by Anne Grahame Johnstone Hans Christian Andersen by Anne Grahame Johnstone

There are a lot of articles and reports out there giving various and often conflicting figures about the Indie book market. All seem to agree, however, that the percentage of Indie writers and publishers is huge and growing. You only have to read a few Indie books to realise there is some seriously good stuff out there and marvel at the ingenuity and diversity of the imaginations from which they were born.

Yet there is still a stigma attached to independently published work. There are those, it is true, who see it only as a way to make a fast buck and churn out little more than rubbish. These are not writers in my opinion and it is not of their books I speak, they are little more than opportunists; marketeers who, seeing a potentially lucrative product churn out a cheap imitation that…

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10 responses to “Indie Success –10 things that really matter

  1. Thank you for reblogging, Seumas x

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  2. Astute post on Daily Echo by Sue.
    Funny how publishers don’t want to talk about the books the scorned and passed over – that became successes only because their authors knew what they had and took the risk to self publish. It happens.

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  3. Sue, and Seumas, thanks for a superb and educating article. It’s one for the archives. Many feel that self publishing is the same as vanity publishing. They don;t realize that self publishing was alive and well long before publishing houses existed. Self publishing is as old as the written word itself. A terrific article.

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  4. Great piece, Sue. Thank you for bringing it to us, Seumas. 🙂


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