…Authors everywhere… rise up and rail against the industry of naysayers… LUV yer WURK…

…this ol’ Jurassic derives much pleasure daily from immersion in the SOSYAL NETWURKS… it’s part of my own particular balance of activities alongside writing my Jack Calder crime thrillers and blogging… (by the way, I do have a day job, too, running my own management advisory business, so it’s not all Internet stuff, Mabel)…


…from time to time, wee clouds float across the Web horizon in the form of alleged literary pundits who seem to take delight in slamming other people’s WURK… much of the negativity is a combination of throwaway lines and sly punches on Facebook, for example…  putting down the quality of an author’s labours… if I may paraphrase from elsewhere, I’d advise the ’gurus’ and ‘experts’, ‘…let those amongst yeez who’ve gained a Nobel Prize for Literature be the first to lob a gratuitous negative review…’ emb’dy who’s ever toiled to complete a novel will appreciate the amount of a scribbler’s self that goes into the production… and I’ll continue to champion from the highest rooftops my admiration for each and every person who gets to that wondrous destination, ‘the end’… it may not be the stuff of the noble classics of yesteryear… nor the sparkling wit and insight of masters of the quill-scrapers’ art of generations gone by… nor indeed, plump with erudition and ‘blow-yer-minds-revelatory-epiphanies’… but, it is yer own wee masterpiece… yer baby of which yeez should be justly proud… of course, there’s an apprenticeship to learning the craft of authorship…


…but it all starts with the first sentence, indeed the first WURD… that’s why there’s editing… that’s why there’s beta-readers… that’s why there’s re-drafting… but none of that begins until yer own tome is finished… and if yeez can’t feel good about yer own stuff, how can yeez expect others to be positive about it?… Authors everywhere… rise up and rail against the industry of naysayers… LUV yer WURK… there, now go and get on with it… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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22 responses to “…Authors everywhere… rise up and rail against the industry of naysayers… LUV yer WURK…

  1. Very well said. Guess some people just feel the need to be negative and think they’re helping. I don’t know. Never got the mentality.

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  2. Good words, Seumas…good words to remember! Have a great day, that man!!

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  3. I love this post and the sentiments behind it. I’ve met too many people who tell me, “I’m going to write novel one day,” as if it’s just a throwaway idea like fixing the hinges on the garden gate (which I must get round to one day).

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  4. Well said, Seamus! Everybody has to start somewhere. Just don’t think that work is crap automatically because you’re a new writer.

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  5. Seumas, you always know what to say to get the motivation flowing… Neigh sayers are just old nags and nought to listen to. Time to get writing! Thank you, Sir!

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  6. I might not be the next great writer, but I love what I do and I love my characters…..they are such…..characters! 😉

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  7. Thank you for standing up for your fellow authors!!!

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  8. Hear. Hear.
    Is it okay if I hit the table a couple times for emphasis? 😀

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  9. I think you should be nominate speaker for all writers. Thank you!

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  10. Wise words, Seumas. We should all virtually join hands and support each other. Negative words tear down, not build up. Constructive criticism is one thing. Needless nastiness is quite another. 🙂


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