…hurtling toward potential oblivion… I shall know better next time… that’ll learn me ! :)

…it was one of those scenarios when yeez look around trying to figure out where the candid camera for the ‘Gags’ programs is located… the kinda stunt where the program sets yeez up with some daft and outrageous surprise to watch yer reaction… and it’s all supposed to be ‘funny’… I was leaving to go to the airport in Abu Dhabi and requested the reception staff to get me a taxi please… the helpful concierge said he had a chap standing by as a private hire, who charged the same as the taxi, and would that do?… it all looked okay to me and I jumped aboard, luggage and all… now, being as I am from Docklands Govan in Glasgow, we lot normally eschew sitting in the back seat when we can sit up front and chat with the driver… I think yeez call that the ‘inverted snob’ syndrome… whatever it is, I started a conversation with mine chauffeur… it occurred to me before too long into the traffic, that he was one of those drivers (of which there are many in this neck of the woods in the Middle East) who operated a million percent on his nerves…


…lane switching, car-dodging, F1-style spurts combined with fanatical use of the brake pedals… thankfully, after ten minutes I calculated there was only prob’ly another 15 minutes to endure until we would reach the airport.., we began to encounter several yellow school buses, being that going-home-for-kids time of the afternoon, and I commented that there were plenty of them…


…that was the moment he chose to say to me, ‘ah, yes, sir… school buses… I used to drive one of those up until a year ago… I’m not allowed to do these any more because I suffered a heart attack driving one… quite close by here it was’… ‘luckily nobody was killed or injured during the crash,’ he continued… the swerve past the adjacent lorry at that juncture caused me to think about the candid camera stunt… but alas, none was there… this lad was the real thing…. suffice to say, conversation was rather stilted for the remainder of the journey… he would have been unaware of my silent pleadings to whatever deity looked after post-heart-attack chauffeurs… and their innocent (read ’stupid’) passengers… I made it in one piece to the airport and returned his cheerful wave as he spun his wheels away from the kerbside… p’raps hurtling toward potential oblivion… I shall know better next time… that’ll learn me!:)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…hurtling toward potential oblivion… I shall know better next time… that’ll learn me ! :)

  1. I hope you decline any more helpful concierge suggestions in future Seumas…

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  2. You had your excitement for this month Seumas. 😉 Glad you made it one piece.

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  3. Hm. I’m not sure what my alternatives are now. Anyone can have a … you know…. While I can, I will continue to drive myself–for many many more years. Not on the highway, of course, but in town? You know, to avoid other kinds of accident…?

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  4. Kentucky Angel

    Goodness Seumas, next time give me a holler. It might take some time, but I’ll show up in my power chair and give you a ride. Better call a couple weeks before hand, I only manage 3 miles per hour.

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  5. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Jaja… I understand you but jus as well no damage happened!!!!!

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  6. A getaway driver having a heart attack would make an interesting scene though, wouldn’t it?…. Mind you, they tend to get shot…


  7. I wonder if he ever drove a motor rickshaw in India. He sounds familiar. 😀


  8. Oh, my.
    “conversation was rather stilted for the remainder of the journey” Great line
    What a story (and running behind trying to catch up – life interrupting. Will shortly put pen to actual paper and head to the postal service. HAven’t forgotten and very grateful for the real letter!)

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