Blog Awards – A compromise…

..well done, Chris, The Storyreading Ape …a fabulous blog post from the fabulous m’Lady, Sally Cronin, who also happens to be a fabulous supporter of her fellows in Scribe-Land…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Sally Cronin
I am going to touch on a subject that in my experience is becoming a little bit of an elephant in the room.

Before I do continue, I want to make it quite clear, that what I am going to say on the subject is not in any way a criticism of those who do or do not accept awards. It is just my own experience having seen both sides of the issue and how I have compromised my position on the matter.

When I began blogging in earnest in November 2013 I did not know which end of WordPress was which. In all honesty with the latest tweaks and twerks by the Happiness Engineers, I am not so sure I am any more enlightened. In fact yesterday as my post lost all formatting when I popped into make a slight change to the Boop de Poop facility, I am…

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4 responses to “Blog Awards – A compromise…

  1. Thanks, Sally, Chris, and Seumas for bringing this message to us. 🙂


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