…the Author quality that ties it all together… stamina…

…I read once a clever piece in that wunnerful throwback publication, The Readers Digest (emb’dy remember that smashing monthly magazine?)… it was one of those pithy endpiece fillers… it was a ‘FOUND’ advertisement clip from sumb’dy’s local newspaper:


…black kitten with white frontal stripe, white paws and piecing blue eyes, prob’ly about six or seven weeks old—answers to the name, ‘Go Away!’


…and I can’t help relating that sentiment to many of we quill-scrapers… almost daily I see posts from my fellow Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, rueing the fact that, yet again, their Query Letters to prospective Agents and Publishers result in rejection slips… I know, I know, I know, some of yeez might be thinking, ‘it’s okay for him, smaaaht-aaass Master Gallacher, coz he’s got a Publisher now’ (the splendid Crooked Cat Publishing folks, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson)…

CC_logo_PastedGraphic-18_(1)…but let me hasten to point out that I was a totally self-publishing, independent scribbler for almost six years before the Publisher partnership tie-in came along… in fact these days, there’s a strong school of thought that feels being on yer own, self-publishing, p’raps frequently may outweigh the attraction of being ‘housed’… I’m not gonna argue the case either way, coz I see merits in both scenarios… suffice to say, the time I spent on my own was invaluable… I learned the down-to-the-varnish-Facts-of-Life about how the modern Author requires to be immersed in his/her ‘business of writing’… y’see, whether or not yeez are solo or with an Agent/Publisher, the writer is still expected to carry a major part of the marketing and promotional activity… consider the arithmetic… if a Publisher has, say 100-200 authors in their fold, that equates individually to 0.5%-1.0% focus of their energy on each house name, on the p’raps naive presumption all the scribblers are treated equally (a-hem!)… the practicality remains… yer own efforts are still the principal driving force behind yer own success… go for it!… in my not-so-‘umble opinion,the Author quality that ties it all together is stamina… hang in there and remember wee ’Go Away’… meeeeaaaaioowwwww!….see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…the Author quality that ties it all together… stamina…

  1. Aw poor wee kittie! I’d not say go away! Nevertheless thanks for posting this as I am now beginning to consider going along the self publishing route as struggling to find a publisher/agent, your crooked cat, publishing, etc, etc, turned me down, shame on them! Still waiting to hear back from a few agents but yes self publishing is beginning to look like an option.

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  2. Very well said. I only know the indie side, but I’ve heard many authors talk about how they’re with a house and still do marketing. That’s not something you hear about until you get into the writing world. So many secrets and realities that one uncovers once they hit ‘Publish’.

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  3. I don’t want my readers to feel I’m self-promoting TOO much and call me ‘Go Away.’ However, you inspire me to put my work ‘out there.’ I’ve just been invited to join a Business Network organization – weekly meetings with one representative only of each profession (thus, I’d be the only writer, amidst lawyer, banker, chiropractor, etc.) to help give each other referrals. Should I join it? It costs $$$, but it may make me become a promoter, and realize that’s part of my job now, as a writer.

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  4. Poor kitty. A beautiful one also. I’m not ready to publish yet and won’t try to rush into it, but I’m strongly considering indie as I’m old enough to not want to waste years of waiting. I already spent too many years not writing. 🙂

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  5. I’d take that kitty in!
    Not ready yet, but I believe I’ll try both ways and probably go Indie in the end. 😉

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  6. I’m leaning heavily on the self-publish route. I may try to pitch my book to houses, but not sure as yet.

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