…bad?… yeah, yeez better believe I’m bad… emb’dy else out there this bad?…

…this ol’ Jurassic crossed the invisible Age Barrier quite a wee while ago… yeez know the one I mean… when yeez have more candles on yer birthday cake than the local Fire Department regulations allow… well, it’s a signal age yeez should watch out for when yeez officially begin to be regarded as ‘bad’… watch the behaviour of most (admittedly not all) of the upcoming generation, and yeez’ll see what I’m getting at… eons of ‘the-right-things-to-do’ have been stamped into my DNA since I was a kid in Docklands Govan in Glasgow… as tough and hard an environment as yeez would find anywhere in the post-WWII UK…


…but, p’raps more with wishful thinking these days, I still expect youngsters to yield their seats on buses and trains for older people and for ladies, as I do myself… the next generation stare at me when I behave like that.. I’m obviously bad’ news… holding doors open for others in places like shops… sorry, unheard of in the main… ‘bad’ again… that’s me… calling waiters/waitresses/taxicab drivers/bus drivers, ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’… with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ thrown in as natural responses… downright criminal… treating police officers, schoolteachers, doctors, nurses and librarians with respect… how bluudy alien can I get?…


…walking on the outside of the pavement/sidewalk when escorting a lady in the street … are yeez completely daft, Master Gallacher?… expecting parents to keep their offspring under reasonable control in public places, supermarkets and shopping malls, instead of allowing their mini-persons to run amok as they wish… and, heaven forfend, Mabel, frowning at the cacophony that passes for supposedly private conversation when mobile telephones are used like megaphones… I recall it used to be known variously by the quaint descriptions of ‘manners’, ‘politeness’, ‘social graces’… alas, my fate seems sealed… today, on a flight from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, the instant the plane stopped on landing, and the usual nonsensical surge of passengers to pull their bags from the overhead lockers began… the guy across the aisle from me yanked his luggage from above and smacked me square on the skull… instead of the ‘I’m sorry’ which I foolishly anticipated, I was greeted with a wordless scowl… how dare my head be in the way of his baggage?… my ‘bad’… definitely, my ‘bad’…and for the next seven minutes until the plane door actually opened, I remained seated, as is my practice, while most others stood and fumed, including my new assailant who steadfastly kept his back to me… the only way I’ve found to combat this malaise, is to ‘polite’ the hell out of the malcreants… ‘bad’?… yeah, yeez better believe I’m ‘bad’… emb’dy else out there this ‘bad’?



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21 responses to “…bad?… yeah, yeez better believe I’m bad… emb’dy else out there this bad?…

  1. Another phrase I always like is “Kill them with kindness.” 🙂 cheers hope your head didn’t damage his luggage too much 😉

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  2. Yer the BADDEST o’ The Bad Seumas – you forgot to apologise to HIM for nearly dentin’ his new Samsonite case w’ yer hied – tsk, tsk…
    But I know what you mean, I had a similar upbringing to you 😀

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  3. carrie

    You Rock Sir Seumas. We live in a world that thinks they are owed something for nothing. And that they are the most important person to ever live. I have seen where someone is hurt in a car accident and instead of calling for an ambulance they all are filming the tragedy on their phones.

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  4. I believe in killing with kindness as well. Sometimes the fool realized he’s been a fool; a lot of times not.

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  5. I believe in remaining in my seat until the door of a plane opens also. It’s actually a type of self defense. Your poor head. You can bet if it had happened to him he would have been furious. I saw a man sit with his overhead compartment open until a flight attendant came by, gave him a frown, and closed it. I wondered who waited on him at other times. 😦

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  6. There is a karmic payback, you know, Seumas. Eventually everyone gets old. They’ll live in the world they helped create.

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  7. Ah, yes, manners. Only the thing of us old people I’m afraid. Granted I have met a few young ‘uns with manners, but they are few and far between. Most of the worst bad mannered people I have met on a plane. So your experience is not surprised. Sad eh?

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  8. You are definitely ‘bad’ Seamus. Keep up the good work!

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  9. Rosa Ave Fénix

    My dear friend… don`t think you’re the only to add many candles on the cake, you know what I did last year???? guess… I put a “?” hahahaha. about the manners… forget all what we were taught, we live in a new generation that “manners” isn’t in their languaje… normal..”ei…man”… you old thing… and so on.
    Cheers up!!!!!


  10. You’re absolutely right. As always. Mind you, I live in a small town and in general people seem at least kinder and more considerate than in big cities…


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