…Farley’s Rusks, tinned strawberries, and milk… dessert for a King in Docklands Govan…

…we’re a nation of eclectic taste, we Scots… taste in different things… fashion buffs fr’example… the wearing of tartan kilts for the Male Caledonian has been going on for centuries … yes, Mabel, even before that Mel Gibson lad changed his nationality and made yon Braveheart movie, the greatest advertisement for the Scottish National Party… the invention of wellington boots is down to the ‘Chookie’ Wellington (Eng: Duke of Wellington), but the wearing of ‘wellies’, these great feet-protectors for sludging through ‘glabber’ puddles (Eng: mud pools), is an art perfected by wee Jimmies and wee Nellies up and down Scotland’s fair land… and contrary to common belief, we did not invent rain… the Big Lad upstairs carries the can for that one… but where our taste defeats, defies and dements the rest of the WURLD, is in food… haggis is held in equal measure of respect and trepidation by outsiders… the delicacy known as Fried Mars Bars, the pension-pot builder for heart surgeons everywhere, was born in Scotia… square sausage, Forfar Bridies, whisky… pots of soup, with ingredients added to daily for months until no-one remembers what the original dish was s’posed to be (nor cares)… however, an esoteric kitchen composition which I rarely sight these days, found its genesis in the old days in Docklands Govan where we lived in Glasgow… milkruskstrawb







….acknowledge if yeez will, the genius of cuisine invention that brings together baby biscuits, normally intended for teething toddlers, brand name, Farley’s Rusks… place in a bowl… pour in some of the contents of a tin of strawberries… (back then, we all thought strawberries grew in cans, Mabel), with the delectable syrupy juice from the can… then yeez mix in a wee splash of milk, either condensed, or plain… nectar.. ambrosia… a veritable dessert for a King… for a small fee this ol’ Jurassic’s prepared to share these culinary secrets with the Cookery Champions, Messrs Roux, Ramsay  and Oliver… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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19 responses to “…Farley’s Rusks, tinned strawberries, and milk… dessert for a King in Docklands Govan…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Ñam..ñam (as we Spanish people say..)… Sorry I’ve never been in Scotland (sorry again LUV..) but now I MUST go… I knew quite a long list about your country, Loch Ness, castles Highlands… but I didn`t know you had so good tasty meals in your cuisine!!!!!!!!!

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  2. …;):) you would LUV the place… but more than that, the Scottish hospitality is legendary 🙂 🙂


  3. I’m all for easy recipes, Seumas, and the never ending soup sounds also perfect!

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  4. ..they certainly tasted perfect, I can assure you, m’Lady, Olga :):)


  5. There must be something healthy about the food. Scots seem a sturdy people.:)

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  6. Perhaps I shouldn’t bring sacrilege before a Scotsman but the only way I’ll eat porridge is drowning in condensed milk. It’s fantastic.

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  7. Are “Scotch eggs” on the genuine Caledonian cuisine list?

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    • …my understanding is that ‘Scotch eggs” are NOT from Scotland…. many variations of it appear all over the UK. The first reference to them apparently is in Fortnum and Masons stores as far back ss 1798… we were all still eating hay and turnips back then in Scotland. m’Lady, Christine:):):)

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  8. Wish I had known about the strawberries when I enjoyed my Rusks. 😀

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  9. I sounds like a version of strawberry short cake! I’d eat it.

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  10. Nancy Jardine

    I had rusks. I definitely had tinned strawberries but never ate them with condensed milk- maybe evaporated milk a time or two, but not with rusks as well! My childhood was SO deprived, Seumas. 😉

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    • … the concentration of sugar/ syrup in the tinned strawberries WAS a bit special !! :):) I bet you were SO deprived you didn’t even get bread outsiders fried in lard, m’Lady, Nancy !!:):)


  11. I have never tried that as a combo, but I could see how that could work! I was obsessed with Farley’s rusks as an 18 year old student at Brunel 😊

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