…forgive me, readers of a delicate disposition… for I have sinned… comes with the Author’s territory…


…there’s nothing quite so cleansing as a bluudy, good, healthy disgorgement of havoc and mayhem… I’ll invite yeez in advance to forgive me, readers of a delicate disposition… for I have sinned… comes with the Author’s territory… we crime fiction scribblers have these frequent outbursts of anti-social activity… out of the window goes all thought of moral compass… any vestige of human decency dispelled to the wind… all’s fair in LUV and War… and in a quill-scraper’s narratives… over the past week, my confessional list runs apace with the best that Master Al Capone indulged in a busy spell… aaaaat the last reckoning, there must have been at least a grand theft, two attempted murders, three assassinations, four attacks involving grievous bodily harm, five more attempted killings… and a partridge in a pear tree… pause for breath… y’see, for a Crime Writer’s credibility to stand the light of literary day, there can seldom be gentle eliminations of characters, good or bad… much violence is usually invoked… gore flows freer than the promises of a politician on the electoral campaign trail… guts, blood and thunder, but mostly blood, draw the attraction of the shoals of reading sharks… I cannot countenance having my worst baddie merely pass away in his sleep with a smile on his cherubic face… it doesn’t WURK that way, Mabel, honest… can you imagine the leading hitman, tripping on a kerbstone, bumping his head, and three minutes later, his corpse is on the way to the morgue?…no?… me neither… so cut me some slack here, will yeez?… whilst there remain myriads of eighty-plus-years-old-little-old-ladies who devour this kinda material, any Author worth his or her Amazon Kindle salt will continue to purvey the unkindest cuts of all… murder, mayhem, and the odd croissant thrown in for light relief, will feed the reading public’s demands for my continued sinning… pray for me… I’m just off to do sumb’dy in… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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21 responses to “…forgive me, readers of a delicate disposition… for I have sinned… comes with the Author’s territory…

  1. Lay on McDuff, and cursed be he that first cries “Hold! Enough!”

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  2. ..mais, naturellement!… it’s also the name of an Irishman’s pet zebra :):)

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  3. It’s a lot like being a god, isn’t it–raining down blood and misery?

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I like the sentence “gore flows freer than the promises of a politician on the electoral campaign trail…” as true as in this momente we are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! yu’re terrific!

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  5. I do wonder about the Google searches sometimes, Seumas. I’m currently revising a book on international terrorism and checking tankers, grenades… Any day….

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  6. Confession time. I too delight in finding amazingly new and nasty ways to do away with my villans (in a ladylike way of course).

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  7. You have my blessing. You have to sin your way. 😀

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  8. Fantastic post. Like yourself, I too am probably in criminal databases all over the world for the things I Google! I’m certain my name is synonymous for searches such as: How does a person react when poisoned with cyanide? Or, what exactly happens when someone is . . . 😀

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  9. Well, Seumas, they say if an aujthor isn’t on some government’s list, he isn’t doing it right. 😀

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  10. Not entirely sure what it says about crime writers, the fact they just love to bump people off in the most horrible ways, are you all closet serial killers?
    I have to ask, for my sister Jaye writes them (with relish) too!

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  11. Your are practically a celebrity in the NSA, methinks!


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