…thanks, but this ol’ crime thriller Author has NO desire to be the next Lee Child…

…I remember clearly ‘way back as a kid being asked by pals, who-would-yeez-like-to-be?… by consistent answer was and remains… I don’t want to be emb’dy else… I’m perfectly at ease with myself, warts an’ all… even through the teen years, I recall resisting with fervour dressing like all my mates, who were trying to be ‘different’, when in fact all they were doing was regimenting themselves by all being the same ‘different’… by no stretch of the imagination would I label myself a ‘rebel’, but as lots of yeez Lads and Lassies who follow this ‘ere Blog prob’ly know already, my lifetime hero has always been the late political giant, Sir Winston Churchill, a monumental statesman, and a confirmed maverick all his days… comes now the surprising success (to me, at least, no false modesty, even) of my Jack Calder crime thrillers over the past five or six years… and up pop the well-meaning friends who tell me I’m ‘the next Lee Child’ or ‘the next James Patterson’...or ‘the next whoever’


…much as that feeds the fragile ego of this ol’ quill-scraper in my virtual candle-lit garret, my response to all of that is quite simple… thanks, but this ol’ crime thriller Author has NO desire to be the next Lee Child… if I had the magic wand, my preference would be to hear the pitch in a different way… viz: Lee Child and James Patterson are writers in the style of Master Seumas Gallacher… setting the bar high?… yeez can bet yer sweet derriere I am… else what’s the point, Mabel?… when we kicked a football around in the school playgrounds fifty years ago, each of us assumed the role of our soccer heroes back then, Denis Law, Georgie Best, Johan Cruyff, Pele… Authors, wouldn’t it be grand if today’s younger scribblers averred their desire to be the next (*                )? *insert yer own name here…


…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…thanks, but this ol’ crime thriller Author has NO desire to be the next Lee Child…

  1. Good for you, Seumas. Let others follow “your” lead. 🙂 No second best for you. 🙂

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    • ..thank you, m”lady, Suzanne… I’m trying in my own oblique way to have all of we self-publishers and newbies believe we ARE good enough… recognition’s a frail element… better to believe in our own ability to write good novels, first :):):)

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Like you I never wanted to be other person, I am who I am… for sure I’d want to be a writer (I envy this gift), though having my own style, history, travelligs, love (not the “sugary” one), biographies… o dear!!!!! I envy writers!!!!!! I luv yeez!!!!!!!


  3. Kevin ODriscoll

    Just found an original “The Violin Man’s Legacy” by James A. Scott

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  4. They’ve had to try very hard and fail to follow on your foot-steps, Seumas. 🙂


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