…have yeez met any good Leading Penguinists lately?…

…I’m in awe of great inventiveness, wherever it crops up… I’m also in perpetual wonder at the seemingly endless stream of ‘experts’ and various ‘gurus’ that appear at the drop of an outside broadcast microphone… my television channel of choice as some of yeez already know is SkyNews, coz it’s so bad, it’s good, if yeez get my drift… they are the kingpins at the ‘instant-insighters’ pitching up in front of their cameras… the wee strapline at the foot of the screen will tell yeez that this or that fellow is the WURLD authority on whatever topic is currently being covered… the other day, I caught up with one item where the redoubtable SkyNews outdid even themselves… picture the feature… sum’thing to do with the ecology (always good for an ’expert’ or three) in relation to the future of that most beloved of creatures… the penguin

aaaaaaa…and here we had Mister Sumb’dy Ecological-Looking, described on the flashcard below as ‘a Leading Penguinist’… I kid yeez not!… as a scribbler, my thoughts jumped to the literary connection with the well-known Publishing House… alas, nowt to do with that… nor the wondrous cartoon movie ‘Happy Feet’, featuring the voice of the late, great Robin Williams… now, if yeez wanna talk about ‘a Leading Penguinist’, Robin’s yer man…


…in fact, in my view, he’s a ‘Leading Lotsa Things-ist’… back to SkyNews… unless yeez live on Pluto, yeez’ll know there’s a General Con-The-People event in process. a.k.a the UK General Election… and this has spawned another flock of Eclectic-Electoral-Emeritii… where do they find them?… I’ve sent an email to the folks who arrange such stuff, offering my services as a WURLD’s spokesperson, ranging on anything they want, from Scottish-Hebridean-Gaelic-Swear-WURDS, to Things-To-Cause-Yer-Laptop-To-Disobey-Yer-Instructions… at a pinch, I could stand in as ‘a Deputy Leading Penguinist… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…have yeez met any good Leading Penguinists lately?…

  1. I have it on considerable authority, I am actually “the”leading Guru on all those who profess the status of Guru!

    Indeed, I have to say I lament the good ol’ days when your “quality” guru – of any considered worth, was sat on top of the highest mountain he could find, and wearing nothing but the most skimpy of loin cloths.


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  2. I suppose it could have been worse. They could had said penguiarian…

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  3. I think you might have a great chance at that category of the Scottish-Hebridean-Gailic Swear words, Seumas. I somehow doubt there are many experts in that field. 😀

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  4. Cracked me up. It’s so bad it’s funny. Today, Seumas, you’re the Leading Expert on Leading Experts.

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  5. Amazing. And some readers complain about the lack of editing in some novels… I’m sure we could all add a bit of colour to our CVs

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  6. Leading penguinist?? Wow! I know they started something here in the US to avoid gender identity in kids by referring to all of them as purple penguins. Didn’t last too long as everyone told them they were idiots to think up something that stupid 🙂 Hope your having a great weekend, Seumas! Take care that man!

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  7. Too funny. I can’t make a civil comment. 😀 😀 😛

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