…it’s time for PROPER change… give the running of the WURLD to the under-eight-year-olds…

…there has always been a constant undercurrent of thought that this ol’ Jurassic possesses the IQ of an infant… on that score, I’d gladly accept that as a major compliment… the more I watch and listen… well not so much ‘listen’, more like, ‘suffer to hear’, the endless political parties’ garbage machines (read ‘spin doctors’ production’), the more I’m convinced that the wrong people are in charge of the WURLD… it matters not if yeez live in ‘Merika, the UK, or anywhere else in Yourope… clearly, the levels of insanity that permeate parliamentary, congressional and other forums for ‘country and international management’ have reached the ultimate in non-WURKIN… changed days since Plato and the lads in the Ancient Greek times ROOLED with such sensible authority… as of today, I wish to launch a new arrangement to monitor, oversee and administer the Affairs of State for the entire planet…

kids 1

…applications will be sought from individuals who have not yet attained the age of eight… the Manifesto yeez will be expected to run with will include:

1. …mandatory milk and cookies at 2 p.m. daily…

2. …equally mandatory is the universal taking of naps immediately following the milk and cookies gorgement…

3. …all-day playtime will consist of unbounded access to toys and games, and helping each other to enjoy yerselves…

4. …ALL MOBILE DEVICES SUCH AS iPHONES, BLACKBERRIES, iPADS, and other similar rubbish will form the content of a succession of HUGE bonfires with attendant fireWURKS displays…

5. …educational equipment will spin around good stuff like unlimited coloured crayons, drawing books…

6. … school qualifying examinations and tests will be abolished…

7. …proficiency will be targeted toward whoever can sing Nursery Rhymes the LOUDEST… singing in tune is much to be discouraged…

8. …a WURLD President will be elected every three months, and the incumbent must not be older than 5 years…

…other ROOLS will be made and implemented in no particular order…

kids 2

…there… that’s that sorted out… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…it’s time for PROPER change… give the running of the WURLD to the under-eight-year-olds…

  1. Seumas for world overlord! 😉

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I agree totatlly with you!!!!! in special nº 4…. it’s a shame how you see youth everywhere with these gadgets… they don`’t speak, read the papers, books… whatever, they behave like donkies!!!!!!

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  3. Yes! Where do I sign?

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  4. A-w-e-some! AT last, the perfect solution. I sleep so much better now. 😀


  5. I’m sure that 8 year olds would do a better job than the insane people currently in charge. Thanks for the cute rant.


  6. Hilarious, Seumas. I’ve taught 6-year-olds and they had some great ideas. How much more harm could they do? Better children than adults who act like children. 😀


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