…AWA Ladies to the left of me, AWA Ladies to the right of me… well, sumb’dy’s gotta step up to the plate!…


…this ol’ Jurassic has faced some fierce situations in the past… eating Mars Bars without frying them first, fr’example… but never let it be said of me that I shirked the tough assignments…

12this week’s schedule had me down as Guest Speaker at the American Women’s Association (AWA) in Bahrain… easy-peasy, yeez might mutter… oh, yeah?… consider for a moment being the only male amongst more than 120 persons of the opposite gender… and not just any ol’ bunch of assorted ladies… these are the movers and shakers of female expatriate society in Bahrain… and a formidable crew they present… and, please note well, I was clad in my best kilt, sporran, leather brogues, befitted with the only armament, my trusty ‘sgian dubh’ (the dark knife, tucked surreptitiously into the top of my right-hand kilt sock, usually as defence against irascible editors)… my demeanour must have silently transmitted the message to the assembled gathering, ‘please… pretty please… be gentle with me… I’m just a wannabe Iconic Author’… I need not have worried, the Ladies of the AWA were in their kindest communal acceptance of a skulking male specimen… albeit an author with a soupçon of SOSYAL NETWURKIN knowledge to impart… I cannot recall a more enjoyable morning’s presentation… the generosity of their reception was ‘umbling, Mabel… just bluudy ‘umbling… 34the Q and A was insightful (they had actually listened!)… ‘Selfie City’ presided throughout the proceedings, with prob’ly more photo-ops for me with assorted AWA people than a Lady Gaga carnival… the off-take for my signed masterpieces was highly gratifying… and I know I’ve made a bundle of new friends that I sincerely hope to meet again… to all concerned from Dr Sana, Lisa, Diana, Robin, Acasia, and so many others whose welcome made a happy man feel very old, my grateful appreciation for asking me to yer event… when’s the next one!!!!?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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23 responses to “…AWA Ladies to the left of me, AWA Ladies to the right of me… well, sumb’dy’s gotta step up to the plate!…

  1. It is so obvious from the photos how hard you were working in such a horribly fierce situation! (NOT) Looking good Seumas 🙂

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  2. Great gig! I need to sign up for a few like that 🙂

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  3. dorothymaydekok

    Okay, I have to ask this – is anything worn under the kilt?

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  4. Looks like you were in Old Dog’s Heaven. Woof.

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  5. Very brave, Seumas. 🙂

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  6. Surprised you left with the kilt in tact (or intact as the case may be)…wolf whistle…

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  7. You really looked like you were hating every minute. Sly fox.

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  8. I’m so sorry that I have to leave before your speech. I heard was so entertaining 🙂

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  9. You expats there seem to go first class, Seumas. That’s a bunch of great photo opts. No wonder you love living there. Who wouldn’t. 😀

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  10. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I`m sure you had a wonderful time sorrounded with so many women… did you feel like a sultan in his harem? …. hahaha… and tou look terrific!!! much better than Sean Conery…


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