…re-run request for my piece on a pair of pedigree pussies… enjoy…

…last year, I ran a Blog Post on two of the best pals this ol’ Jurassic has ever had… by special permission (from myself) I was asked to throw it out there again today, so here it is, Charley… enjoy! …

…Brainy and Bonkers… a ‘Tail’ of Two Kitties…


…this ol’ Jurassic’s been bereft of feline company for more than twenty years now… but ‘way back in the days when Hong Kong was the place I earned my coin, I co-habited with a pair of Siamese cats… as a generalisation, I don’t indulge photographs of the species on line in the manner of some of yeez who have more selfies with yer pets than I’ve had hot curries… so, the proverbial cat is now out of the bag, so to speak… or more correctly, p’raps, the pair of cats are out of the bag…they were named ‘Brainy’ and ‘Bonkers’, and each went out of its way to show me that the wrong name had been applied in each case… ‘Brainy’ was as daft as a brush … and ‘Bonkers’ could well have been the equivalent of a feline Ph.D…  I still am none the wiser as to why, as a budding merchant bank executive, in one of the busiest, most frenetic markets on the planet, I should at that time have chosen to transform my condominium unit into an upmarket pad for a couple of four-week-old kittens… that they deigned to allow me some of the space is also a mystery, given their propensity to nudge me out of whatever comfortable couch or sofa I may have preferred to sit in… suffice to say they had me house-trained in very short order… meals on demand… and none of yer Kit-E-Kat rubbish from a tin… proper grub, straight from the fishmonger… but came the first, angst-ridden, cat-parent incident when they had to sent to the vet to be spayed… I called the local pet doctor, and was rewarded with a female Chinese receptionist on the other end of the line… at that time my fluency in Cantonese had not yet developed beyond the ‘yes/-no/-I’ve-got-no-money’ chapter in the Talk-Cantonese-In-Three-Thousand-Easy-Lessons primer… I’m certain much was lost in translation… being a bit concerned that the proposed operation, of basically clipping away the cats’ future manhood would be professionally done, with no lasting psy-cat-ric effect on the kittens, I wanted assurances that it would be painless… the fine wee Asian lassie replied in her best pidgin English, ‘Ah, you no worree Mistah Ga-Lee-Kah—you won’t feel a thing!’… and she was right, Gawd bless her, I incurred no pain whatsoever… it is not recorded what the kittens’ view was… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…re-run request for my piece on a pair of pedigree pussies… enjoy…

  1. I missed that one. Thanks for sharing! I’m pleased you didn’t feel anything 🙂

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  2. I’m surprised your arms and legs aren’t covered in tram track scars as a reward for leaving them with a vet or rather for the result of leaving them with a vet. They have long memories and inevitably pay their debts.

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  3. That was the first time I read that Seumas, and I see why a repeat was wanted. Beautiful cats! 😀

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    My stomach aches from laughing!!!!!!! you’re terrible!!!!!!

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  5. My, aren’t these a pair of Aristi cats! You mean they didn’t turn on you, give you the cold shoulder once they came home again? 😀 😀

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