…he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger…

Master John Donne declared that ‘no man is an island’… and that makes superb metaphorical sense to this ol’ Jurassic… particularly as the weeks, months and years of my own sojourn on Auntie Internet have begun to tally up… who’da thunk when I became part of the vast universal quill-scrapers’ family that my relationships on here would have developed into such amazing friendships too?… apart from the occasional misguided troll, who really needs to get a life, a healthy, vibrant SOSYAL NETWURKIN communications system exists at so many levels when yeez join in this informal Writers Union… competition amongst Authors themselves is invisible as far as my perception goes… the opposite, in fact, has been my continual experience… when it comes to launch-yer-latest-wee-masterpiece time, an incredible army of supporters, literary cheerleaders, with and without pom-poms, switches into gear… ReTweeters carry yer ‘new-baby’ notice across the wires… Facebook ‘Launch Parties’ klaxon the introduction of yer run at the Nobel Prize for Literature candidacy… Guest Post-ees proliferate… yer cover pages, bios, purchase links, and all manner of ‘help-sell-yer-wares’ leg-ups kick into overdrive… it matters not a jot should yeez be independent self-publishing scribblers, or Publishing House stablemates… on here, if yeez are Authors yeez are my pals at any rate… and I know thousands of others have an open-door policy for others to hitch a promotional ride… it’s the best ‘bookish’ club on the planet… and if yeez aren’t a ticket-holder already, grab one now… announcing to all and sundry once again, my open season on receiving emb’dy’s request for help in ‘getting it out there’… email yer stuff to me on seumasgallacher@yahoo.com… yeez see that Author pal of mine over there?… he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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4 responses to “…he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I`m not a blogger, just one who likes to read other people’s ideas, poems, writings about this and that… and yes… we almost become a family with people around the world… me from Barcelona, Spain…
    To read you is good, funny, sometimes hilariuos….

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  2. You have the right attitude, Seumas. Everyone needs to work together. 🙂

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