…well, Fred throws a little mud at Ernie… then Ernie throws a little mud back at Fred… and then…


…maybe it’s been like this since Time began, but it just seems to this ol’ Jurassic that even lower-than-ever depths are being plumbed in how Politics is being conducted globally… if the concerted objective is to pitch the various manifesto garbage and rhetoric at the lowest common denominator of voter intelligence, then they’ve succeeded… I’ve stressed many times on this ‘ere Blog that I am a-political, inasmuch as I think they are all players in the great big Con-Game-of-Mendacity (lies, Mabel, lies)… some are more adept than others… on both sides of the Atlantic, the ploy of mud-slinging has developed to an art… it’s simple, really… Fred throws a little mud at Ernie… then Ernie throws a little mud back at Fred… and then… yeez can see where it leads… the spin-machines prob’ly have their own Unions now, such is the amount of industry surrounding it… there’s Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics…and Political Party Numbers… a new definition of ‘promises’… and watch out for a candidate who starts every answer to a question with, ‘well, honestly speaking’… aye, right!’…


…the ’free’ Press lines up rigidly on one side of the divide or the other, and engage their own ‘presenters-of-their-versions-of-how-things-really-are’… aye, right, again!… I’m led to understand that the amounts of money invested by all protagonists in the UK and in ‘Merika could prob’ly alleviate most of the poverty in Africa if applied there instead… if only… but back to my basic observation… the phenomenon of negative campaigning… if the Pope, Moses and Gawd ’imself were running for government office, even their backgrounds should hardily survive the ‘alleged’ scandals besmirching their pasts that the professional muckrakers would invent… the ‘stories’ remembered by ‘sumb’dy’ ‘way back when they were less than ‘holy’… the youthful indiscretions… magnified to First Degree Murder levels… given all of that, p’raps it’s time for me to stand for office… my past is as ugly as any of them critters… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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