…forget the ‘Golden Oldies’… embrace the ‘Golden Young-ies’…


Robert Neil Butler (January 21, 1927 – July 4, 2010) was a physiciangerontologistpsychiatrist, generally accredited with the birth of the term ’Ageism’… whether intended or not, the legacy of the introduction of that WURD into our vocabulary has prob’ly opened many eyes and minds to the widespread attitude of  ‘he/she’s too old to do this/that/the other’… an attitude to which this ol’ Jurassic screams ‘Borrox!!’‘old’ is merely a label… a signpost of reference of longevity (or otherwise)… when I was a wee fella growing up in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, people who were 40 years and above were considered ‘ancient’… and sadly, many of them believed it, and began to ‘wear’ their age like an over-used coat… overnight, instead of a steady gait, we saw laboured ambling, some with walking sticks magically appearing as some sort of signal of an advanced right of passage… more Borrox!! I cry… why am I bringing this up now?… coz here I sit, pensionable age, and wond’ring ‘who’s kidding who, here?’… I’ve no awareness of being a certain age, other than that the limbs may not be as able to sprint as in years gone by… everything else seems to be in reasonable WURKIN order… (yes, Mabel–including that!)… the wee gray brain cells percolate as busily as ever… I’m not inclined to move into a rocking chair for at least another coupla decades, and maybe not even then… I still retain the ability to yell at the television screen when the English Premier League football demonstrates how far down the level of my favourite sport has fallen… I find unstructured time a great enemy… in my corporate business side, I’ve retired three times already… and each time, sheer boredom and ennui with idleness has galvanised me back into the commercial WURLD… and I discovered I can write… p’raps one of the hidden benefits of this ‘age’ thing-y is sum’thing called experience… life experience… and I need look no further than my life long hero, the late Sir Winston Churchill, who became Prime Minster at the age of 65, and just possibly, saved the bluudy WURLD


…give me a ton of 65+ year olds of his ilk, and we’ll get this planet back to where it should be… writers of my vintage still produce great WURK… and by the way, Master Robert Neil Butler won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction when he was 49… one year away from his half-century… so, to all my vintage pals among yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land—forget the ‘Golden Oldies’… embrace the ‘Golden Young-ies’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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