…Authors… yeez are more like Chess Grandmasters than yeez think…


…I’m sure if I invested a few minutes in researching on Google, I would discover what, if any, extensive writing of novels has flowed from the pens or laptops of Messrs Spassky, Fischer, Tal and Kasparov… who they? yeez ask… they’re all former Champee-ee-een Authors of the WURLD at Chess, Mabel, that’s who… in my day, this ol’ Jurassic could manoeuvre a bold Casablanca opening, or the Nimzo-Indian pitch, or p’raps on occasion, the Daft Gallacher Gambit, but I never percolated to these heady Chess Grandmasters’ chambers… nevertheless, it occurs to me that in the Board Game of Kings there are so many similarities to the scribbling undertakings we Authors pursue… for starters, the number of permutations of moves in a chess match runs into gazillions… the same thing occurs with the twists and turns involving lots of different characters in a story narrative…


…on the chequered board, a Pawn can ultimately become a Queen… look how often does a lowly player rise to the crest in yer written WURD… and hidden sleight-of-hand combinations are de rigueur in both métiers, counterpoints to yer unfolding of the plot in stages… Knights, in shining armour or otherwise, come to the rescue and lead the offense when called upon, protecting the sanctity of their fellow pieces, paralleling yer heroes and heroines of literary status… Bishops sally into areas often by surprise and rule their corridors of power, main characters in their own provenances as with the principal parties in yer novels… Kings and Queens are fortified by Castling Rooks and all their attendants… notwithstanding these defensive peons, royalty is constantly attacked… sacrifices become par for the course, reflecting the honour and courage of many of yer book-dwelling figures… sum’times stalemate blights the landscape… ultimately the fall of a royal head dictates the endgame… then it’s time to reassemble and start over again… the ebb and flow of being a creative quill-scraper is closer to the majestic game’s moves than yeez imagine… checkmate!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…Authors… yeez are more like Chess Grandmasters than yeez think…

  1. And you’re Kasparov, blue and Eddie fisher combined!

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  2. Both also take time to learn properly and dedication to keep at it. 🙂

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  3. I get the feeling while you chess grandmasters are plotting all your character’s moves I’m sitting there baffled still playing draughts.

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  4. Primo analogy. Wicked good! 🙂

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  5. Very apt, as always.

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