…the Circle of Life’s ‘Wants’…

balance’ has been a kinda foreign concept to this ol’ Jurassic most of my life… the notional graph of the ups and downs over the decades has resembled a tracer of frequent journeys to and from the top of Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench… but, as with most things, the universe has its own sneaky way of ‘sandwiching’ it all neatly… fr’example, just thinking the other evening of what Christmas and Birthday presents were like for children ‘way back when… and how often the boxes that presents arrived in regularly became more attractive things-to-play-with than the contents themselves…’specially if they were big boxes…


…and when yeez are wee folks, most of the cardboard wrapping is larger than yerselves… an orange, or better still, one of those exotic mandarin fruit thing-ys (in Docklands Govan in the early 1950s, fruit was a luxury item) was great, coz after yeez had peeled it, yeez could taste the peel in yer fingernails for hours afterwards… strawberries grew in tins as far as we slumdogs knew… syrupy, drenched in sugar, and mixed with Carnation tinned milk, a feast for an emperor… I could reel off dozens of such wunnerful simple treats… then in stepped that Big Stupid Idea of Life, of Growing-Up… and desires turned to the acquisition of… well, the acquisition of stuffstuff like a bank-loan-fuelled car… stuff like a mortgaged house… stuff like credit-card-paid-for overseas holidays… stuff like fancy-fashioned clothing… stuff like speckled, shiny bling… yeez get the idea… then, happily, as I said before, karma sum’times intervenes and provides the balance… here in my run-in (hopefully an extended run-in) toward ‘what-music-do-yeez-want-played-at-yer-funeral?-time’, I’ve become an Author…and LUVVIN every blessed second of it… my delights have reverted to simplicity… a single positive review…


…a solo sale of one of my wee masterpiece babies… writing a WURD, or a phrase, even a whole sentence, and thinking to myself, ‘yes! I like that!’... the Circle of Life’s ‘Wants’... there’s mine… how’s yer own doing?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…the Circle of Life’s ‘Wants’…

  1. I’m with you, Seumas. Priorities change. Here for reviews.

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  2. At my time of life, I find I enjoy days that are quieter and the writing I do. I’m so thankful I have friends and loving family, a home, enough to eat daily, help when I need it, and am pain-free most of the time. I’m thankful and don’t ask for much more than that. I truly feel I’ve been blessed. 🙂

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  3. I’m with you Seumas, I still get a kick when I know a book has sold.

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  4. Love your style. Subtle yet entertaining 🙂

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